Mystic Way of Order

Mystic Way of Order
Total membership 3.500
Fighting Monks 2.000
Philosophers of Law 1.000
Pantheists 500
The Mystic Way of Order is a faith derived from almost two millennia of philosophical tradition on the theme of Order as the main element of civilization, tolerance, and personal progress towards a state of enlightenment. This faith deals only marginally with Immortals, considering some of them as enlightened beings returned from a state of union with the Supreme Order to teach mortals.

Core Immortals

This faith is mostly philosophic. All lawful Immortals are acknowledged, and Tarastia and Koryis are worshipped by the few pantheists of this cult.

This philosophic order is somewhat popular in the towns and with the rural aristocracy. However, most monasteries are built in secluded locations. The south-eastern hills are home to several of these monasteries.
Major Temples

The Mystic Way maintains a presence in Beitung, Chungkiang Li and Wongzhao Tsushao. The siege of the Grand Abbot is in the main monastery, the Zhonghu Siyuan.

These priests lead a cloistered life. They take many restrictive vows, preventing them from marrying, eating meat or drinking alcoholics, as well as engaging in any of the Four Vices. The monks of each monastery are divided into martial, scholarly and religious branches, depending on their favored training.
Classes and Alignments

Fighting Monks, Philosophers of Law and Pantheists are accepted, each by the corresponding branch of the faith. Only those strongly dedicated to the concept of Order, and not burdened with wordly concerns are considered for membership, so only priests of Lawful Neutral alignment are acceptable.

Mystic Way of Order

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