Mystara Wandering Monsters

Wandering Monsters
Wandering monsters speed play
Wandering monsters discourage the 5-minute work day
Wandering monsters make travel times and distances meaningful

What are those wandering monsters up to?
Roll 2d6.
2 Returning to lair to heal up after a fight. (reduce hit points)
3 Fighting with another creature. (roll up another monster)
4 Returning to lair with prisoner. (roll up a prisoner)
5 Returning to lair with treasure. (roll treasure as if they were in their lair)
6 Just passing by on the way to somewhere else. (not looking for a fight, roll for reaction)
7 Defending territory. (warparty looking for invaders)
8 Hunting for food. (quiet, wary, and hard to surprise)
9 Chasing after another creature. (roll up another, weaker monster)
10 Running away from another creature. (roll up another, nastier monster)
11 Building new lair. (digging a hole, setting up camp, making a lot of noise)
12 Groggy from too much partying and looking for a place to sleep it off. (easy to surprise)

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Mystara Wandering Monsters

D&D 3.0: Tales from Mystara Galero