About Mystara

Mystara is a planet, the Known World is a section of that planet who has cultures and a level of technological development that resemble Europe around the 15th century, but without gunpowder. Nations of the known world display a great range of government types. Some nations are populated entirely by demihumans and/or humanoids. By common convention, the boundaries of the “Known World” are those covered in the world map.

Two moons orbit the planet of Mystara. Matera is a moon much like our own, whose phases govern lycanthropy (werewolves, werebears, etc.). Only the Immortals of Mystara inhabit Matera. They live in a city, Pandius, where they can meet and watch over Mystara. Patera, is an invisible moon that cannot be seen from Mystara. See the Mystara Calendar.

The mayor races of Mystara are humans ( with their different Human Ethnicity ), Elves-High, Dwarves-Hill, Halflings-Lightfoot, Half-Orcs and Gnomes-Rock. But there are many nations present and some of them have complete cities like the Shadow Elves.

As the name implies, the Known World covers the most notable nations of Mystara, the ones most commonly used in Mystara-based campaigns and featured in fiction. The following are the most notable nations by continent:



Chien Empire


East Brun

Isle of Dawn

Overlands of Dreconia


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