Master of Water Element

Prestige Classes of the Mysteries of Magic of Mystara Étira
The Masters of the Elements
“Earth, Water, Air and Fire; shape, engulf, destroy and consume.”

Magic-users of this craft are masters at dealing with the elemental forces of nature. Through their career, they learn to protect themselves from elemental(s), to conjure and control elemental(s). Finally, the High Master gains the ability to enter or leave an outer plane and become an elemental creature.
There are four academies of the Element (Air, Water, Fire, Earth), which are rival orders. Element-alist(s) must choose an academy to learn their craft. There are four High Masters of the Element, one for each academy. Element-alist(s) only deal with their chosen element; they can speak the language of the elemental(s) of the academy. Their abilities take 1d4 rounds to take effect.
Element-alist(s) are taught the following spells at the appropriate levels: Dispel Magic, Protection from Evil 10’ radius, and Conjure Elemental. Depending on their academy, they also learn the following spells:

Fire: Fire-ball, wall of fire;
Water: Water breathing, lower water;
Earth: Wall of stone, move earth;
Air: Fly, weather control

These spells are taught only when the element-alist has learn all the abilities in the circle corresponding to her level. Elves should be allowed to cast these spells despite their normal level limitations. Use their Attack Ranks as described in this chapter’s introductions to find when they can learn these spells.

Hit Dice: d4

To qualify to become a elementalist a character must fulfill the following criteria.
Skill Name : 8 Ranks.
Feat: N/A
Spells: Summon and Protection Circle spells.
Special: Sspecialisation in the Conjuration School.

Class Skills
The elementalist’s class skills (and the key ability for each skill) are: Alchemy(Int), Concentration(con), Craft(Int), Heal(Wis), Knowledge(Arcana)(Int), Knowledge(Nature)(Int), Scry(Int),Spellcraft(Int).
Skill Points at Each Level: 2 + Int Modifier.

Class Features
All the following are class features of the Elementalist prestige class.
Weapon and Armor Proficiency: The Elementalist gains no special weapons or armor’s proficiency.
Spells per Day: The Elementalist gains no extra spells per level.

First Circle
Protection from Elements: The elementalist’s of the First Circle can protect themselves from the natural element of their academy. This effect last one round per level of the spellcaster. The exact effects are described bellow, according to each academy.
Fire: Disciples suffer only half damage from all fire-related attacks (spells, dragon breath, high temperatures, fire elemental(s), etc). They can walk up to 90 feet or up to three rounds whichever comes first over lava.
Water: Disciples only suffer half damage from all water-related attacks (waves, water elemental(s), ice blocks or snow). They can walk up to 90 feet or three rounds whichever comes first over water.
Earth: Disciples only suffer half damage from falling rocks, stone projectiles, and earth elemental(s). They can move up to 90 feet or up to three rounds whichever comes first over quick sand, mud or crumbling stone ledges.
Air: Disciples suffer only half damage from air related items (high winds, sand storms, whirlwinds or air elemental(s)). They can walk on clouds or smoke up to 90 feet or up to three rounds whichever comes first.

Second Circle
Minor Conjuration: The elementalist may conjure1d4 elemental(s) of her academy by concentrating. Summoned elemental(s) have a number of hit dice equal to or less than that of the elementalist. These creatures remain under the elementalist’s control. He cannot control more Hit Dice of elemental(s) than he has spellcaster levels. Excess elemental(s) are automatically hostile to the conjurer.
He can give a series of orders to any level of complexity and the elemental(s) will execute them to the best of its abilities and knowledge, without trying to distort the intent of the orders. The elementalist does not need to concentrate to keep control of the creature. The control over the elemental lasts one day per level of the element-alist, or until dispelled, or until the mission is accomplished, whichever occurs first. At the end of the control, the elemental return to its plane.
A roll of 1 causes a 16 HD elemental of the opposing plane to come, instead of the expected one. It is automatically hostile to the elementalist (water is opposed to earth, air is opposed to fire, etc). An element-alist can always cast a dispel evil to force an unfriendly elemental back to its plane.

Third Circle

Major Conjuration: This allows the element-alist to conjure and control any creature native to the elemental plane of her academy: a Master of Air could conjure a djinni, a Master of Fire could conjure an efreeti, a Master of Earth a kryst, and a Master of Water an undine. The ability is otherwise similar to the minor conjuration.
With a roll of 1, the creature(s) conjured automatically become hostile to the element-alist.

Fourth Circle
Full Elemental Control: The disciple controls non-living matter corresponding to her academy. He can shape and move it for one round per total spellcaster level. The animated matter fights as a 12 or 16 HD elemental, depending on the disciple’s level, as above. By concentrating, he can make the matter attack anything within the area of effect. He can move at 20’ per round maximum with the effect following her, or walk out of the affected area at normal speed (no more than 30’ away from the affected area).
Master of Air: The master causes winds to stop or blow as a hurricane within a four foot radius per experience level. The air deflects non-magical missiles or carries the master at 360’ per round. The master is immune to high winds.
Master of Water: The master causes water to be still or rough as a storm in a radius equal to three feet times her experience level. He can breath water as if it were air, and swim regardless of currents or whirlpools.
Master of Fire: The master extinguishes a fire or causes one to fill the area of effect (two foot radius per experience level). The master can built walls of fire or resist to any source of heat, either magical or natural.
Master of the Earth: The master can shape stone or earthen matter at will within a one foot radius per experience level. Her creations have the statistics of any elemental he could conjure. The master is immune to crushing damage from falling stones or lava burns.
A roll of 1 causes the effect area to go out of control. Anything inside automatically suffers full damage from one attack each round until it moves out of the affected area. Anything still inside the area at the duration is utterly destroyed. The disciple suffers great trauma which permanently reduces all future element-alist ability checks 10%.

Fifth Circle
Metamorphosis: The High Master can actually become an elemental of her academy, with a number of HD equivalent to her level. He retains the use of spells and magical items, and gains all abilities and statistics of her elemental form, whichever are the best. In addition, he can freely enter or leave his elemental plane.
A roll of 1 causes an elemental ruler to seek out the High Master and put an end to her disturbing activities. He may leave, but the elemental ruler will seek to corner her every time he enters her plane. The High Master may fight: if defeated, he dies by being crushed or disintegrated. If he wins, the High Master then gains the ability to turn into a 41 HD elemental ruler (but only in the elemental plane). Each new level he gains adds two HD to her elemental ruler form. Out of the plane, the High Master only has her normal elemental form (not that of the ruler).

Master of Water Element

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