Kingdom of Karameikos

This farming village serves the Estate of Marilenev, and here sits Castle Marilenev, a Gothic monstrosity of depressing walls and crumbling towers. Though she cannot afford its upkeep, Lady Magda stubbornly continues to make her home in the castle out of tradition.

Ruler: Lady Magda Marilenev.
Captain of the Guard: Fzoul Chembryl
Population: 900.
Castle Guard: 20 ( Typical Human City Guard )

Places of Interest:
Other than Castle Marilenev, The End of the Road Inn.

None in addition to the King’s Law. Actually, if the crimes are committed against Thyatians or Traladarans who side (in Lady Magda’s opinion) with King Stefan Karameikos, there isn’t that much of the king’s justice around here, either.


D&D 3.0: Tales from Mystara Galero