Makai Shamani

Makai Shamani
The humans known as the Makai have their own type of religion who worships the elements, animal spirits and heroes. The practitioners of these set of traditions use tribal tattoos and totems. The Makai clerics are called Shaman’s (plural Shamani). This religion is mostly kept in the Makai towns on the islands and is not at war against the Peoples Temple or the The Eternal Truth.

The Makai Shamani has these main philosophies:
The Respect of Life
The makai respect living beings and enjoy been alive. They like simple things and complex friends. They respect the elements and worship heroes. Extremist of this philosophy learn to live every day like there is no tomorrow.

The Respect of Dead
The makai respect the dead and see as a sacrilege the tampering of tombs and dead bodies. Extremists of this philosophy become necromancers and can practice cannibalism. See Elegy Island as an example.

The Embodiment of Wisdom and Power
The makai believe that all things (living and non-living) have something to teach them. From the elemental forces (wind spirit, flame spirit, rock spirit and wave spirit), to the animals who they respect (octopus. shark, whale and crocodile) to those who they seem curious, annoyed or entertainment with (from the parrot to the fish, from the boar to the monkey). All have something to teach and powers to show.

Makai Shamani

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