Magic Focus House Rule

Magical Focus Familiar Rules

The character adopts a Wand, Ring, Staff or any other miscellaneous magic item that takes a slot to wear or a hand to use. This focus (plural=foci) becomes essential part of his spellcasting and is called a Magic Focus. This Magic Focus will become attuned to the caster and with time it will become a powerful tool for his magic. The casters will learn a form of spell casting that involved the extensive use of these focus. Characters can substitute the Find Familiar class feature of Sorcerers and Wizards for this ability at character creation.

The focus must be chosen at character creation and each specific focus costs 50gps regardless of the original object. More costly foci can be buyed if the character wants to add other abilities to the object. The character can only have one of this foci at the same time. It takes a craft checks and a week of using the focus to become used to it and able to use all it’s abilities. If the caster’s focus is destroyed the caster will get a energy drain of 100xp per caster level and must build a new one. He will also need to expend another week of getting used to the new focus.

Stats of a focus: Armor Class equal to the character’s armor class plus four. Hardening equal to the caster’s class level. Hit Points equal to the caster’s hit point. Saves as his caster.

The focus will give the caster new bonuses as the caster increase in levels of his spellcasting class. Consult the following table to know which benefits the caster has in each class level:

Levels 1-2 The caster gains the use of the Mage Hand spell at will if he knows the spell and has memorized it.

Levels 3-4 The focus becomes so attuned to it’s caster that an Alarm spell is created centered on the focus to avoid been stolen. The spell will always alert the caster with a subtle vibration. This ability is always on.

Levels 5-6 The caster gains the Eschew Materials metamagic feat without spell level cost, but only when casting spells through his focus. The focus will actually substitute the caster’s spellcasting pouch.

Levels 7-8 The caster gets the Reach Spell metamagic feat when casting a spell through his focus. The focus will work like a metamagic wand with a number of uses per day equal to the caster’s class level.

Levels 9-10 The wand gets the Weapon of Energy spell for free. The caster can use the wand as a melee weapon to inflict 2d6 of energy damage (Critical 20/x2) chosen by the caster at the moment of activating this power (Acid, Cold, Electricity, Fire or Sonic). The caster can attack in this way up to one attack per class level. If this ability is combined with the Reach Spell ability gained at level 7 the caster can throw these attacks as energy bolts with a range increment of 30 feet (up to 150 feet).

Levels 11-12 If the master is 11th level or higher, the focus gains spell resistance equal to the master’’s level + 5. If another spellcaster tries to affect someone else’s focus with a spell, that spellcaster must make a caster level check (1d20 + caster level) at least equal to the focus’s spell resistance.

Levels 13-14 The caster can cast the spell Animate Objects as a Cleric of the same level three times per day using his focus.

Magic Focus House Rule

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