Letters to my Brother

Letters to my Brother

( A series of correspondence by Yoshirou Nakajima to his brother in Ochalea. )
[GM Note: This information is secret. Players can read it but their characters will only know what the owner of the documents tells them. Each entry that is tied up to an adventure on the Adventure Log could be 25xp for the character]

Yoshirou Nakajima

Dear brothers,

I,m sorry I didn’t write any sooner but my travels have taken me in many unforeseen

directions. When I left home to experience the world I didn’t expected it to be so full of adventure and danger. I am now traveling with a very eclectic group of people, adventurers if you will, who as me have decided to experience the world or allied together because of the circumstances, destiny, or mere luck teamed them.

After spending some time in the city of Threshold we left the city in search of a place called The Caverns of Quasqueton. This was an intense and dangerous journey but the rewards at the end were bountiful. We have decided to continue our travels and have arrived to the city of Highforge. You should see this place my brothers, it’s incredible! The city of the dwarves is so different from every other places I have visited. Most of it is underground but we are not allowed to go there alone and even less after what happened when we arrived We weren’t very lucky when we got here. The guards asked us who we were and what was our business in the city and by mistake I told him we were merchants when it was obvious we were adventurers. It was a stupid mistake and I apologized but still it got the group arrested and it was my fault. We managed to make a deal with the king and get ourselves freed but we are not trusted and our traveling papers were confiscated.

For now I,m staying at a place called The Iron-Axe. It’s an Inn run by a dwarf named Konar Orccleaver. He is a joyous dwarf and the patrons are mostly locals and adventurers. I have four roommates I think; a human and three dwarves and that’s great I want to experience the local way of life that’s why I chose to stay there.

There’s also something strange happening in this town. I have heard rumors from the other clientele (well my roommates) here at The Iron-Axe that a spring that cures all diseases as erupted from the ground, and an earthquake liberated giant worms from a sealed mine. But what intrigues me more is the strange desecration bestowed upon a temple here which has the locals clerics “stonewalled” (couldn’t resist :D). I’m thinking of asking my friend Dio to go with me (his a Cleric) and see if we can help somehow. You see, there has to be a way to mend my mistake and help my friends win our good graces with the leaders and maybe get our papers back. This is all for now brothers. Please give my love to mother and father. Tell Master Daishi that I’m trying my best and that I will write to him soon. Take care.

Your little brother,

Letters to my Brother

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