Land of the Draconians

Land of the Draconians
Plateau of the Isle of Dawn
Isle of Dawn

The Land of the Draconians is a dangerous and evil domian located on the east part of the Plateau of the Isle of Dawn. The place was a series of jungles and swamps territory of a large number of tribes of Lizardfolks who were dominated by a Adult Green Dragon named Emeralazar.

Emeralazar lived in the ruins of an ancient Nithian Empire tomb and was able to uncover some ancient evil Nithian magic. She used his magic on her eggs and was able to mutate her offspring into large humanoid dragon creatures who were able to interbreed with the local lizardfolks and produce a large family of half-dragon lizardfolks.

The army of Emeralazar attacked the surrounding countries causing a big war in the platteau. Emeralazar was killed by the Epic Adventurers but the King and Queen of the Kingdom of Thothia claimed they did it.

After Emeralazar’s dead, the kingdom become one of castes, with the surviving mutated dragons been the higher caste, their half dragon children the middle castle and the rest of the lizardfolk the lower caste.

The kingdom was civilized in a few decades by the dragoness and her offspring but the lizardfolk are still brutal and violent and have attacked a second and third time the nearby countries.

Land of the Draconians

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