Alcove Island
Kurutiba is a ship-building center located on Angel Cove of Alcove Island that is also a center for the resale of the pirated goods brought in by the Pirates. It’s also the location of the King’s vacation home. Only very trusted foreigners are allowed to come here, and there’s not a lot of facilities for guests. The town is not very large with only around 600 on its population, almost half of them are dwarves many of them are members of Clan Filwarf and work for Voder Kolneros. The Governor lives in a mansion that looks almost like a fortress with areas for crafting.

The quality of the Inn is: Poor
Food, Drink, and Lodging

Specific Locations:
Governor’s Fortress
Dak Boats
King’s Vacation Home
Kurutiba Merchants
Kurutiba Ship Yard



D&D 3.0: Tales from Mystara Galero