Known Timeline of Mystara

The Ages of the history of Mystara:

The Old Age
Two dinosaurs gain sentience, Ka and Wyrmz. Ka became the first immortal. Wyrmz extended his life using magic and psionic and was exiled by Ka from Mystara after eating the dinosaurs almost to extinction. This battle raised Ka to immortality. Ka discovered the Hollow World and transported some of the dinosaurs there. A giant asteroid hit the earth causing a shift in the poles.

The Dragon Age
Ka trains and helps evolve the first dragons from the surviving dinosaurs. The dragons built the city of Dragonkind and become the dominant race on the world. They develop magic and become masters of it using the magic to create this giantic city.

The Titans Age
The Titans arrive to Mystara and make an all out attack on the Dragons, destroying Dragonkind and dispersing the dragons around the globe. The titans took a newly for of humanoid, the Dwarves-Hill, and taught them to forge metal. The non exalted sons of the titans became the firsts Giants. The dragons found another humanoid race, the Elves-High, and taught them in magic. On the continent of Ringet – formed by the crash of the asteroid at the end of the Old Age- they raised an army of weapon wielder and magic using elves to fight against the Titans. The titans are expulsed from Mystara and after winning the dragons disperse again without rebuilding their city.

The Elven Age
The elves become the ruling race of all Mystara. The develop the Mysteries of Magic and divided their society in castes devoted to each branch of magic. They slaved other races including demihumans (goblins, orcs, and others) and dwarves. Their only enemy was the Nagpas, a race of evil monsters, half vulture and half humanoid. A cataclysm destroyed Ringet and the survivors move to other continents on boats. A single flying city survived under the control of King Faulkmer. The remaining surviving elves started a slow migration through the continents of Mystara that founded the elven kingdoms known today.

The First Human Age
The human race become the dominant species on the planet with more empires and cities than elves and dwarves combined. The empires of Nithian Empire, Milenian Empire and the Azcan Empire became powerful domains that conquered everything they can. Blackmoor become an important place as the locals unraveled the mysteries of a chariot that fall from the stars. At the end of this age the Alphatian Empire arrived from another dimension and the Nithian Empire disappeared in history.

The Second Human Age
The raise of the new human empires, specially the Alphatian Empire and Thyatian Empire marks the beginning of the current age.

Specific and Estimated Dates:

BC 2000: Nithia raises as the most powerfull magical civilizatin on Mystara on his time.

BC 1000: During the course of its history Nithia, which was centered around the valley of the Nithia river in modern Alasiya, had colonies in the Isle of Dawn (Thothia), the coasts of Known World (Thyatis, Karameikos, Minrothad, and Ierendi), northern Davania (the Hinterlands) and the Savage Coast (mostly the Gulf of Hule area). When the Nithian Empire is at its peak, in the colony of Thothia the Necropolis of Bostnak is built by order of the Nithian Pharaoh to serve as a city of the dead for the rich people of all the Nithian Empire. This is also the time of Alphatia’s Landfall, when the alphatians arrive to Mystara from their original dimension.

BC 994: Tokoramses V rules Thothia during the time of Alphatian colonization.

BC 700: The immortals Thanatos and Ranivorus corrupts the Pharaoh of Nithian; the Pharaoh turns the Empire toward worship of Entropy, beginning its decline. The Nithian colonists in Thothia turn away from the Entropic faith of their homeland and increasingly turn to a new form of mysticism.

BC 678: The Nithian Sorcerer Anonhotep and his magical scientist guild built the impressive construction known as the Sorcerer’s Tower in the plateau of Thothia. He dedicated his life to create slave races for the Nithians like the Minotaurs, Centaurs and Manscorpions.

BC 633: Anonhotep the Sorcerer builds his own tomb on the southern edge of the plateau of Thothia. The dangerous crypt is known as the Falling Tomb.

BC 517: The corrupted nithian druid Thera Amon creates the powerful nithian tablet binding the power of the four elemental spirits to his will. He keeps the power a secret and is later killed by Tokoramses XIV who uses the tablet to fight the Nithians.

BC 509: Tokoramses XIV returns from a trip to the capital of the Nithian Empire where he was aware of the corruption and chaos on the homeland. He takes from the fallen necromancer Korases the Mummification Tablet and from the last Nithian Pharaoh Haptuthep he took the Flying Pyramid Tablet. He was declared a traitor and a brief but intense war was fought between the nithian and the thothians.

BC 500: The Nithian Empire, having incurred Immortal dislike, abruptly ends; the Immortals alter the climate, divert the headwaters of the River Nithia, promote social unrest, deny magical powers to their clerics, and take other actions which cause the Empire to collapse catastrophically. The Immortals use magic to ensure that almost all trace of the Empire is wiped from the face of the Known World. The Nithian Empire collapses catastrophically; most colonies are systematically destroyed – except for Thothia. The colonies are systematically destroyed – except for Thothia, which has already turned away from the Entropic faith which led to the destruction of Nithia. Tokoramses XIV takes care of his domain and hides the nithian epic spells that were inscribed on the stone tablets. The Thyatians, Kerendans and Hattians are now in full control of the region which will one day be called Thyatis.

BC 426: Tokoramses XIV builds the Temple of Dawn. He was a powerful cleric that freed the thothians colonists from their nithians oppressors.

BC 192: The Alphatians launch a campaign to conquer Thyatis. The Alphatians complete their conquest of Thyatis; making it part of the Alphatian Empire.

AC 0: Thyatis rebel against their Alphatian masters. This is the year of the crowning of the first Emperor of Thyatis. A truce is signed by both Alphatian adn Thyatian representatives in Edairo.

AC 12: Violation of the Edairo Treaty by the Thyatian Empire when they conquered Norwold.

AC 800: Orcs from Caerdwicca escape into the platteau of the Isle of Dawn and become nomads known as the Travashar Raiders. Many mate with captured thothians and the tribe became diluted with half-orcs.

AC 840: Clan Sheeastas escapes from their enemies at Ochalea and take control of the place known as the Sorcerer’s Tower.

AC 992: Legions of the Thyatian Empire use orcs slaves from Caerdwicca and thothian slave labor to try and buid a road into the platteau of the Isle of Dawn and Kendach Castle. The orcs stayed on the platteau as nomads known as the

AC 864: Defeated by their enemies Clan Sheeastas flees the Islands of Ochalea and hides in the platteau of the Isle of Dawn. They took control of the place called Sorcerer’s Tower in a few months.

AC 900: The Emperor of Thyatis, Gabrionus IV, begins a new expansionist policy; conquers and settle several areas of the west of the Isle of Dawn. The Empire of Alphatia does the same with the east of the Isle of the Dawn. Thothians built the City of Bostnak in top of the Necropolis of Bostnak.

AC 1000: Ramenhotep XXIII is the current ruler of Thothia. Based on the number of rulers from Tokoramses V to Ramenhotep XXIII (32) and the number of years spanning their rule (2000), each ruler rules for 62 years (on average).

AC 1001: Elaeras the Arqueologist, comes to live in Bostnak to study the secrets of the four Elemental Weirds that Tokoramses XIV left around the plateau of the Isle of Dawn. He discovered that the Nithian magic users of the time of the colonization of Thothia discovered a series of Magical Places hidden in the Isle of Dawn. He buys and repairs and old Crypt and turns it into his underground mansion. It was discovered by Liseso that he was a secret agent of Pharaoh Ramenhotep XXIII and is possible that he bribed Liseso to help him.

AC 1010: The Empire of Thyatis sends the CXXI Legion under the command of General Troyus Machistes to conquest the center of the Isle of Dawn. The Empire of Alphatia send the Obsidian Army under the command of Lord Tersoal Levan Kronas to do the same. The thyatians rename the City of Bostnak to Bostnakus. The battles between the two armies in the plateau of the Isle of Dawn end in the creation of independent nations.

AC 1020: The newly formed nations of the Isle of Dawn have a war between themselves and against Gisael the Tainted. This powerful necromancer uses one of the Nithian Tablets to create an army of undead from Batmonak’s population.

AC 1030: Baron Ramhahotep de Bostnakus becomes the governor of that city under the tutelage of Bishop Claudius of the Church of Thyatis and Bishop Dante of the Church of Alphatia.

AC 1032: The Dragoness Eme’raladar mutates her own offspring using old Nithian magic. His sons mate with the females of the local lizardfolks tribes and had half-dragon-lizardfolks of their own. A nation of lizardfolks is raised in a war against the Domian of Bastmonak. The war ends with the Dragoness dead and more than half the lizardfolk killed.

Known Timeline of Mystara

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