Kingdom of Karameikos

General overview:

At over 20000, Kelvin is the second-largest city in the Grand Duchy of Karameikos. It is located near the convergence of Windrush (Wulfholde), Hillfollow (Shutturga), & Highreach (Volaga) rivers. It is essentially a large walled encampment. Inside the walls are a large field for caravans to set up, whilst a secondary wall surrounds the city of Kelvin proper. Inside the city is a third walled area where the garrison fortress & Baronial Castle are located. The city & surrounding lands are governed by Baron Desmond Kelvin II, son of the founder of the city.


Since it was designed as a way-stop for caravans, the outer encampment is often bustling with merchant activity. Staying in this area is free of charge as long as you can prove to the local guard that you have legitimate ‘business’ to attend to – not just loitering. Of course, quality of accommodations depends on what you bring with you, but the opportunities & contacts present for those seeking mercantile business is unparalleled in the region. The cross-section of accommodations for the city of Kelvin proper is represented by the following 3 inns: The Star of Machetos, The Karameikan Road Lodge, & Alexander’s. The hospitality of the Baronial Castle is, of course, by invitation only.

The Star of Machetos is a luxurious inn located in the merchant district near the castle. The proprietor, Tiberius Logan, named the establishment after his former home in Thyatis. The Star of Machetos caters exclusively to wealthy travellers, especially merchants. The accommodations, as well as the dining, are exquisite. The rates, as expected, are quite high, ranging from 5r for a standard room to 10r for the suite. Vacancies are rare as ‘The Star’ is a highly sought-after lodging.

The Karameikan Road Lodge is actually one in a “chain” of inns under the ownership of a young entrepreneur by the name of Nikolai Caledon. The Karameikan Road Lodge has developed a reputation for consistency at all of its 5 locations*. Accommodations are as expected: satisfactory if unremarkable. Rates are a standard 1r for a private room. There is no food or beverage served. Vacancies are most common during winter months. *Also located in Specularum, Threshold, Penhaligon, & Vorloi.

Alexander’s is a typical example of a basic roadside hostel. Essentially a warehouse divided between a tavern & sleeping room, this establishment offers shelter from the elements when the weather might make staying on the caravan grounds less than pleasant. Accommodations are modest yet tolerable. Rates are a standard 1c for the common room. The tavern serves a basic menu from dawn till dusk & beverages at all hours. Vacancies usually depend upon the weather.

Special interest:

Kelvin’s location on the Duke’s Road, as well as near 3 converging rivers, makes it an ideal stopover for those travelling the Karameikan countryside. This, combined with the strict order maintained by the Baron, makes the city somewhat of a sanctuary for travelling merchants. On the subject of order, also note that noble men-at-arms are especially welcome in the community. The Baron, in fact, is a member of the Order of the Griffon, the knightly organisation affiliated with the Church of Karameikos & is favourably disposed toward Knights & Paladins. One final note: No wizard magic may be cast within the city walls, period. Violation is a Class 3 offence – or worse, if the magic results in a greater crime.



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