Aloysius Island
Jortan, the capital, is a fairly traditional Ierendi community with 5,000 people living in it. Other than their increased hatred and brutality to Thyatians the place looks like any other location on Ierendi. It does not have much of a cultural life, though Aloysius Island is home to several high quality breweries who produce very high quality alcohol and Ierendians can always find an excuse to party.

There are ongoing rumors the Thyatians buried something of great value here during the uprising which overthrew them. Maps and rumors are always floating about, but if anyone’s found the giant haul, they have yet to say where it is. Also, the local makai people had a legend about giant of the ocean who did battle with two armies one of tritons and one of merfolk.

The quality of the Inn is: Common
Food, Drink, and Lodging

Locations of Interest:

  • Government Mansion – Home of Governor Yomara Opalshore, a small fort were all the government business of Aloysius Island is conducted.
  • Brewers Row – A series of warehouses, shops and stores were high quality breweries produce very high alcohol and export it to the other islands.
  • Pearl Beach – A new community construction project alongside the beach has been started recently by the government that has the intention of attracting workers to start the new mines. The houses are paid by the government.
  • Zzonga plantation – Zzonga fruit are grown in small quantities here and in Livingworth Tower.



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