Jagged Rocks

Jagged Rocks
Horrack Rockgrinder (Orc 7), a massive Orcus Porcus warrior, leads this large horde of Orcs, Goblins and Hobgoblins.
However, the powerful shaman Dguul (Orc 6/Shaman 6) is the true power behind the throne.

The Jagged Rock tribe is composed by four hordes: Mountain Raiders (500 Orcs), Hungry Wolves (300 Goblins), Bloody Noses (250 Goblins) and Deathslide (100 Hobgoblins).
Chiefs Zoarh Bootlicker (Goblin 3), Arghal Rednose (Goblin 5) and Eaark Twofaces (Hobgoblin 4/Wicca 3) lead the Goblin and Hobgoblin hordes.

Zoarh has been imposed by the Mountain Raiders as the Hungry Wolves chief, and is not really able to handle his horde.
Arghal Rednose knows it, and is manoeuvring to set himself as the chief of a new horde, if Horrack and Dguul get themselves killed in one of the battles against the Ylari or Karameikan troops.
This crafty goblin will therefore tarry long enough to see whether the tribe is winning or not before committing his own goblins to any battle.

These goblinoids use a variety of weapons, from axes and slings (the Goblins) to spears (the Mountain Raiders), swords and javelins (the Deathslide).
The two Goblin hordes have a number of Worgsriders, nearly a hundred in the Hungry Wolves, half that number in the Bloody Noses.

Jagged Rocks

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