Jade Temple of Ochalea

Yutan: Jade Temple of Ochalea
Total membership 11.700
Priests of Koryis 6.000
Pantheists 600
Philosophers of Law 550
Fighting Monks 2.650
Shamans 1.000
Other Specialists 900
The Jade Temple is the main religion of Ochalea, headed by the Archduke himself – by tradition, the Archdukes are always priests of Koryis, and very often they become high priests. Paramount of Ochalean religions, the Jade Temple is a cult of a single Immortal that manages to include all known Immortals in its folds as well, though in lesser roles.

Core Immortals

Koryis is by far the most respected Immortal in this cult. However, even Koryis specialist priests acknowledge the existance and worthiness of all the Immortals known in Ochalea, including those of the Shadow Court. Some pantheists and specialists are actually devoted to the specialized ceremonies needed to properly appease all the Immortals. Most specialist priests not devoted to Koryis choose to serve Chardastes, Alphatia, Tarastia, Ssu-Ma and or one of the Dragon Rulers.


This is the major faith of Ochalea, focused on the worship of the Jade Emperor, Koru Yi-Si, and the Dragon Kings. The temple acknowledges most other Immortals popular in Ochalea, and each temple has one or more priests specialized in the rituals of several Immortals. Most priests, though, follow one of two other paths – either the scholastic worship of Koryis or the martial discipline of the Fighting Monks, who specialize in disarming and disabling their opponents without using weapons – preferring always to negotiate rather than fight, and when forced to fight to obtain surrender rather than killing.

Major Temples

Jade Monasteries are common, and exist both in or near town and in more secluded locations (tough the first are more common). The Major temple is within the Archduke’s palace in Beitung, since the Archduke of Ochalea is also the leader of the church.


Many of the non-cloistered members of this cult work as mandarins (government officers). Other are noble rulers of provinces and counties, or local bureaucrats.

Classes and Alignments

Specialty Priests of any Immortal listed in the religious classics of Ochalea, Philosophers of Law, Shamans and Pantheists are all accepted. The faith itself is strictly Lawful Good, though Neutral Good and Lawful Neutral priests are common outside the cloisters – Fighting Monks are strictly Lawful Good, though.

Other Legends:

The Jade Princess
Last King of the Ochalean Gu Dinasty under the Alphatian Empire near 200 BC. He was in love with a beautiful lady of green eyes. He even helped her family raise in power. He used to call her “Her little jade princess”. He wanted to marry her but his wife was jealous of her been more beauty and young and ordered her to be poison. The king expended a lot of gold to make a statue of the lady made of jade and the priest of the Jade Temple built it. The estimated cost is 80,000gps.

Jade Temple of Ochalea

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