Ierendi Royal Navy

Ierendi Royal Navy
The Ierendi Royal Navy is a respected force among the nations of the Known World. Through years of development, the navy has become the best in the world, even though it may not be the largest. On 713AC the first advanced war ships and galleys of the navy engaged and destroyed ships of the Thyatian Empire.

The royal navy is composed of more than 36 ships. Twelve of this are Fireships of Honor Island. Part of the navy is composed of privateers who work for Ierendi. This represents around 2,000 sailors and marines and almost double that in rowers, privateers, administrative officers, instructors and cadets.

Admiral Julius Corcha commands the Royal Navy. The marines inside the Royal Navy are members of the Ierendi Royal Guard.

The Aleea Merfolks are allies of Ierendi and fight alongside the Ierendi Royal Navy against invaders.

Stats for a normal Galley.

Ships of the Fleet:
The Azure Storm Captain Noole Kindred
The Merfolk Wave
The Triton Trident
The Netherland
The Little Lady
The Old Lady

Ierendi Royal Navy

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