Ierendi Royal Library

Ierendi Royal Library
Ierendi Island
Ierendi City
The Ierendi Royal Library, the only library on all of the Ierendi Archipielago, is located inside the walls of the Ierendi Castle on Ierendi City. Permission from the Ierendi Tribunal is needed to access the library.

The current librarian is Sir Winslow Winceslau, a ierendian with a dead sense of humor.

There is a passage that connects the Ierendi Royal Library to the Ierendi Castle Dungeon or at least it used to be one. It was originally used by the royal family to move around. On 985 AC there was an assassination attempt by a visitor of the Library who learned about the passage and used it to try to kill the current king. The Ierendi Royal Guard was able to stop him and the secret passages connecting to the Dungeon was sealed.

Using the library:
Using the library for an hour allows a character to expend an hour researching the books and make a Knowledge check with an equipment bonus of + 4. If the character doesn’t have ranks on the skill he can still do an Intelligence check untrained with the equipment bonus. It’s a Knowledge skill check. One or two assistants of the library may use Aid Another to help in this check adding another + 2.

Taking 20 on the check is allowed, but that requires 20 man-hours of searching. E.g., if the PC has two assistants, he can take 20 after a 7-hour work day.

If taking 20 is not enough to reach the target DC, but the DM decides the answer is somewhere in the library, add another + 1 bonus per man-hour after the original 20 hours until the answer is found. That means you can happen upon the right book if you just keep searching long enough. But it also means that if the answer really isn’t to be found here, you can waste an awful lot of time before convincing yourself of that.

Ierendi Royal Library

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