Ierendi Magic Items

Ierendi Magic Items
The Merchants of Ierendi are also known for their high trading of magical items. Ierendi is famous for the amount of treasures trade by pirates and merchants on the islands. Here are some examples of some strange items found on Ierendi City:

Eye of the Eagle

Fire Elemental Gem – A magic item created by the mages of Honor Island that can sometimes be acquired on Ierendi City.

Gas of Whispering Walls

Potion of Everblood

Potion of Healthy Slumber

Potion of Labor

Red Chain Mail
Description : This set of chain mail has fire red metal links. It appears to be in moderately good condition. In the middle of the front side of the shirt is a red piece of cloth with a flame depicted on it.
History : There are five such armours which have been created by the Honor Island Mage to suit their humanoid captains. This particular set was being worn by an Orc captain on a Fire Ship during a minor battle against pirates. While standing on deck he was shot by an arrow and fell into sea where he was never recovered. Triton eventually acquired the set and traded it to some adventurer who fell on White Island.
Game Details : This is a chain mail + 2, additionally, while wearing it the user receives a + 2 bonus to all fire related saving throws.

Spear of Kobos
Description : The long wooden shaft of this spear is been painted dark blue. The colour is almost permanent and does not degrade with time. The silver spear head is in the form of an hearth and engraved with curvy patterns.
History : This spear was created in AC 969 in the village of Kobos on Safari Island by a resident wizard named Gilles Leblanc. The wizard needed the skin of a rare blue snake which he wasn’t able to find, he promised Trikelios, a famous hunter and tour guide, this spear if he could find the skin, which he did. Because of the game of Trikelios this item is well known on Safari Island and some people on the other islands have heard of it. Trikelios disappeared on White Island.
Game Details : This is a spear + 1, +3 against giant versions of normal animals. These include giant spiders, giant snakes, giant crabs, etc.

The Elemental Wards of Ronowac
Description : A tubular wooden case which opens on top. It is painted with blue waves, a white gust of wind, red fire and brown stones depicting all the elements. Inside are 4 scrolls each inscribed with magical runes and some elemental symbol.
History : If the legends are true, this scroll case would have been once in the possession of the legendary hero Ronowac ( see Ierendi Gazetteer p.53 ). It initially contained 10 scrolls but now 6 have been used. In truth these scrolls belonged to a Glantrian Wizard from the Elementalist Circle who brought them in Ierendi when he entered in the Royal Tournament of Adventurers. Because legend relates Ronowac has fought elemental beast and left unscathed by them, rumours spread among bards that he possessed such scrolls.
Game Details : This was a set of scrolls of protection from elementals. Here are the remaining ones. 1 scroll of protection vs. air elementals, 1 scroll of protection against fire elementals, 1 scroll of protection vs. water elementals and 1 scroll of protection vs. all elementals.

Ierendi Magic Items

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