Ierendi Lizardmen

Ierendi Lizardmen

The Makai and the Lizardmen had been enemies since the Makai arrived to Ierendi. In reality the savage and dangerous lizardmen were the original habitants of the islands. The real base stock of original lizardmen is unknown as there are different lizard-like humanoids around the islands. Is unknown if all were present at the moment of the Makai arrival or if they arrive later on. To create more confusion, the Makai describe and present all lizard-races as the same, distinguishing no one from another.

According to Makai tradition, the original lizardfolks that lived on the islands died of a plague attributed to Nithian Empire colonists thousand years ago. Few evidences of the lizardman culture remain, other than in the legends of the Makai, in strange artifacts and cave paintings discovered in sea caverns along the rocky western coast of the main island, and in the enigmatic ruins on the highest peaks of Ierendi Island’s rugged northwestern coast. Some inhabit the pestilent swamps of Roister Island, and one sub-species of amphibious lizardman still survives in submerged tunnel settlements on the floors of the deepest lagoons and on the shallow coastal shelves beneath the seas around the islands. Warned by ancient prohibitions, these lizardman survivors avoid contact with humans.

On the islands of Ierendi a series of tribes of amphibious lizard-humanoid race lives near the coast of the islands. The natives call them the Lizardmen. The people of Ierendi call them Amphibious Lizardmen to distinguish them from the Lizardfolks of the Malphegui Swamps.

Lizardmen Locations
Alcove Island – Lizardfolk
Aloysius Island – Lizardfolk
Ierendi Island – Lizardfolk, mountain ruins and coastal caves
Roister Island – Troglodyte, Pestilence Swamp
Safari Island – Sahuagin, Lair of the Lizard Lords

Types of Lizardmen
Lizardfolk also called the Cave Lizardmen, live in ruins and caves. They usually train Crocodriles and even Giant crocodriles as warbeasts.

Sahuagin also called Amphibious Lizardmen, live on lagoons and near the coast of the islands. They usually train Sharks and Dire Sharks as warbeasts.

Troglodyte also called Foul Lizardmen live in swamps. They keep Lizards as pets.

Ierendi Lizardmen

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