Ierendi Island

Ierendi Island
Population: 150,000 people (40,000 Hin (Mostly free but a few are slaves), 99,000 Humans (Pirates, Townsmen, Makai and Slaves), 10,000 Elves, 1000 Dwarves)
Capital: Ierendi City (18,000)
Area: 7,438 square miles
The largest island, and the one which most holds to the social material presented found on Ierendi. This is the main island of the realm. Home to friendly Makai native, pirates and the citizens council. Annual tourneys are held enabling the winner to become a figurehead king of Ierendi until the next tourney.

The main location of the island is Ierendi City, capital of Ierendi. Adventures will probably use this place as a hub.

Specific Locations:
Ierendi City
Lighthouse Shipyard
Maona Kea
Mount Bina-Bura
Mount Kikapua
Mount Kununuroa
Mount Makalaui
Mount Makai
North Lighthouse
North Keep
Pikiorta Keep
Port Siers
West Lighthouse

Aleea Bay
Ierendi River
Ierendi Shallows
Makai River
Port Siers Bay
Takala Bay


Ierendi Island

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