Ierendi City Marketplace

Ierendi City Marketplace
Ierendi Island
Ierendi City
The Ierendi City Marketplace is located in the center part of the city west of The Great Port and is an open air market that consists of both permanent stalls for sellers and delineated areas where sellers must supply their own booths or display for their wares. A wide variety of merchandise and food can be purchased at the marketplace without restrictions. This include the slave market that is controlled by agents of the Iron Ring and The Seventh Helm, a street full of workshops and stores.

Specific Locations:
Bargle Detective Service
Benno Treasure Maps
Ganti Flying Carpets
Magic Finger Rings
Magical Corridor Plaza – Master Emmeth Ancine
Marny’s Eats – Especialized in local and imported fruits.
Nero’s Fish – “Buy the best and buy them fresh!” “Look! It moves! Is so fresh is still alive!”
Petra Nostra
Papirus Scrolls
Pyramid Embarks
Gulliver Homebrew‘s Potion Shop
Ruly’s Cakes, Bread and Sweets – Bakery.
The Magic Wand
The Seventh Helm
Wondrous Items of Wonder

Items like Weapons and Equipment can be acquired here and sold at the normal half price. Gems are always sold at normal face price.

The Merchants of Ierendi are also known for their high trading of magical items. Ierendi is famous for the amount of treasures trade by pirates and merchants on the islands. Here are some examples of some strange items found on Ierendi City: Ierendi Magic Items

Ierendi City Marketplace

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