Ierendi City

Ierendi City
Ierendi Island
Ierendi City is the wildest, most lawless port south of Landfall, though it’s growing calmer as time passes. It is here where pirate and city ethics and behaviors merge or are coming most fiercely into conflict. The city is a wild and dangerous place where wise men travel armed with friends, just in case. Pirates flock to the coastal sections to fence their goods, then to carouse wildly with their loot. It is a maze of twisty bendy streets all alike, since they are all lined with fences, shops, theaters, bars, restaurants, and brothels, as well as many businesses combining two or more of the above. The city is home to about 18,000 people of mixed races and nationalities. There are no shortages of semihumans and demihumans and negative racial interactions are less common. “If you have the money or the goods, we have the goods or the money.” is a common Ierendian expression.

Aside for the entrance to the port on the east, the city has four other city gates: one on the north, one on the south and two to the west. Twelve smaller gates that lead to the beach are located all around the east part of the city wall. All gates are protected with city guards at all times and can be closed with reinforced iron doors.

The Adventurers Club Headquarters is a important location for adventurers and so is the Ierendi Royal Postings for quests located on wall of the majestic Ierendi Castle.

Specific Locations:
Ierendi City Northshore – North of the Castle.
Ierendi Castle – North of the Port.
Ierendi Naval Academy – Located on the east part of the city, near the port.
Ierendi Naval Quarters – Located on the east part of the city, near the port.
Ierendi Ship Yard – Located on the east part of the city, near the port.
The Great Port – Located on the east part of the city.
Ierendi City Marketplace – Located on the center part of the city.
Ambassadors Quarters – Home of some of the Ierendi Embassies and located on the west part of the city.
Ierendi City Government Row – Located on the center of the city.
Beverly Boulevard – Located just south of the port and north of Southshore.
Ierendi City Southshore – South part of the city.
Ierendi City Cemetery – Located North of Southshore and southwest of Ambassadors Quarters.

Holiday Resort
The Blue Dolphin
The Reef
The Seaweed
The Wave Resort
Whispering Palms Resort


Ierendi City

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