Ierendi Castle Dungeon

Ierendi Castle Dungeon
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Ierendi Castle

The dungeons under the Ierendi Castle are a mess of rooms and corridors that haven’t been mapped in years. The series of tunnels beneath the castle were initially constructed over five hundred years ago over older rooms that were ancient when the Thyatian Empire built Ierendi City. The first rooms were ordered by King Mad Greeg himself and were down to Level 2 to built the first Royal Treasury Vault. At that moment the Castle hasn’t been started and was a mansion. More than two hundred years ago, a dwarf who was a long-term guest at the castle ( possibly an ambassador from the Kingdom of Rockhome ) became bored and began digging tunnels in many different directions expanding the original dungeons in a random pattern. The tunnels were gradually secured with beams and other supports and doors placed at various intervals through out.

Four vaults were built at the end of the tunnels in the first three hundred years. A great cave in caused all the tunnels to be buried; thus, only one vault has been found in over a hundred years of digging. Records of the vaults contents were also lost, it is unknown what may have been contained in the missing vaults so the search has been sporadic.

In total the dungeon has five levels (that are accounted for):

  • Level 1: The Castle’s Dungeon – Prisoners of Ierendi City are placed here before been shipped to Livingworth Tower on Aloysius Island.
  • Level 2: Castle’s Vault #1. Castle’s Wine Cellar. Castle’s Food Storage.
  • Level 3: Expected location of Castle’s Vault #2. Catacombs of the Mattrongle Lineage, including Prince Aloun’s tomb. The Torture Chamber.
  • Level 4: Expected location of Castle’s Vault #3 or #4. Tomb of King Greeg The First.
  • Level 5: Expected location of Castle’s Vault #3 or #4.
  • Level 6: A Bronze Serpent guards one intersection. Two Colossal Skeletons are in the next room possibly created by one of the predecessors of the Death Kahuna of Elegy Island.

Dungeon Conditions:
The maintenance of the dungeon is not the best, it hasn’t been a priority for many years. The government has taken precautions to keep the Ierendi Castle in working condition and its coral surface beautiful and shining, but have postponed, time and time again, the mapping and fixing of the old dungeons.

Precautions are in place: alarms, traps, walled corridors, metal gates and constant patrols keep the dangerous places (and its monsters) apart from the ones in use.

When adventurers are hired they are given a partial map of the dungeon that they have to mark and return to the guards. The map highlights only the parts were the adventurers are permitted to go. They will check the identifications papers of the adventurers to see that everything is in order and to identify special skills like spellcasters and rogues. The guards will check all the adventurer’s equipment before entering and when leaving. They will do a physical search and also magical detection. They will make an inventory of all they are carrying. If something is found they will be arrested and they will lose their reward for working on the dungeon.

Finding an important relic or treasure on the dungeon and failing to give it to the Royal Guard is considered a major offense. An item of this type could be an historic item or a powerful one.

There is a second secret entrance that the Band of the Wolf discovered using the clues on the Map to the Black Pond .

Ierendi Castle Dungeon

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