Ierendi Castle

The Castle of Ierendi
Ierendi Island
Ierendi City
The Castle is located in a prominent place of the Ierendi City for all to see, it is readily visible from the sea and the surrounding lands just between the The Great Port and the Ierendi City Northshore. The castle is built entirely of a coral of a bright shade of orange harvested from the sea. The place is big enough to house the entire families of the King and the Queen.

In days with good weather, the King and/or Queen receive visitors in the vast and beautiful gardens of the castle (locations 5).

The Kingdom of Ierendi has only one library located on the Castle, the Ierendi Royal Library (locations 7, 20). Only a special permission from the Ierendi Tribunal gives access to the Library.

The North Wall of the Castle is home to the Ierendi Royal Postings. The posts are placed in a protected wooden bulletin board that had four granite columns and a small ceiling to protect the documents from rain.

The Tribunal Room is a special place for the Ierendi Tribunal to meet with the King and Queen (location 13), they have their own building offices in the Ierendi City Government Row.

Soldiers of The Brigade, the Ierendi Royal Guard Elite are always in the Castle (locations 2, 3, 19).

The Ierendi Castle Dungeon are located under the castle and they have their own history… (entrance in location 3 west)


*Note: Location 21 on the Castle Map was sealed 300 years ago. Is known because is part of a story or local legend.

Ierendi Castle

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