Identification and Travelling Papers

Identification and Travelling Papers
D&D PC Papers.pdf – A sheet used to keep track of the character’s travels, medals and other awards. You can find the sheet here in the D&D Dropbox Folder

Identification Papers are key components to civilized life within the Known World nations. The papers are used to identify the owners and to prove the owner’s identification in formal situations such as court proceedings and business. Normally only the upper and middle classes can afford identification papers and the right permits to travel.

Each set of identification papers come with a description of the owner, a name, a title and occupation, residency and affiliations. Citizens have the option to purchase a set of identification papers with a portrait though, the cost is more than twice the price of one without. Some nations use Identification papers to identify characters with special abilities like spellcasting.

Nations usually allow the identification papers of their allies to be valid inside their territories, other requiere a new set of identification papers issued by the local government. Some Samples:

Nations of the Known World require identification papers for:

  • People that wants to travel from and thru their territories.
  • People that wants to own legitimate business or land.
  • People that wants to work on other countries been using their craft, perform or knowledge skills, their combat abilities or their magic.
  • Representatives from other nations or organizations.
  • Members of the clery and knightly orders who travel.

The prices for different sets of papers are as follows.

  • Identification papers – A cost of 5gps for papers that tell who you are and where do you come from. A description of the character, basic abilities and skills.
  • Travelling papers – A cost of 10gps for travelling papers that mostly said that you can travel outside your country of origin and are not a fugitive, rebel or proscript. Slaves have no travelling papers, they are move around with cargo permits like goods.
  • Mercenary Permit – A cost of 5sp per point of the BAB is paid to acquire a permit for working as a gladiator, adventurer, mercenary, bodyguard or other activity that involve fighting. Pre-requisite: Identification Papers.
  • Working Permit – A cost of 5sp per rank in each Craft, Perform or Knowledge skilll that can be used to gain a wage or pay, is requiered to acquire a permit for using the crafting skills for profit or personal use. Pre-requisite: Identification Papers.
  • Spellcaster Permit – A cost of 2gp per spell level known is paid to acquire the correct permits to cast spells on Thyatian Empire territories. Pre-requisite: Identification Papers.

Forged papers are available to characters that have contacts with some criminal organization or a forger. The papers are costly and required the falsification of seals and signatures.

The base cost of a Forger Identification Paper is 10gp, plus 2gp multiplied by the Forgery Check. So that one paper with a Forgery check of 20 will cost 50gps.

Some nations like the Principalities of Glantri and the Alphatian Empire could add magic to their identification papers to make them more difficult to forger. Doubling the cost of the false papers.

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Identification and Travelling Papers

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