Hook n Hatchet Inn

Hook & Hatchet Inn
Kingdom of Karameikos

“After gaining much booty from the ruins of Castle Mistamere, we returned to town all cashed up. Unfortunately, the town guards were a little too inquisitive for the liking of my halfling companion, Shastri. The heated exchange attracted the attention of the head of the guard, Sergeant Arthol. When Shastri made a derogatory mispronunciation of the good sergeant’s name, some fast talking was in order. To placate the guards, I offered to shout them drinks all night. Sergeant Arthol agreed, nominating his favourite watering hole, the Hook & Hatchet as the venue.

That evening we made our way to the Hook & Hatchet Inn on the east side of the old town wall, near the centre of town. Sergeant Arthol and his men were already there, their jugs and throats eagerly awaiting what I had promised them. After the third round of jugs, I excused myself from the guards’ company and ventured over to the other side of room where the commoners quietly ate their meals. I spotted an attractive elven lady sitting alone in the corner (thank you Valerias!). After a few hit and miss one-liners, I discovered her name was Cardia and she ran a flying carpet service from town! We polished off a bottle of innkeeper Callinian Perakarius’ finest wine. After a few hours of enthralling conversation, Cardia retired to her room, but promised me a discount on her flying carpet service.

I glanced over to the bar to see Shastri, pipe in one hand, jug in the other, laughing heartily with Sergeant Arthol. All in all, an enjoyable and successful night."

Location: East side of Old Town Wall in centre of town
Innkeeper: Callinian Perakarius
Patrons: Sgt Arthol and town guards, Cardia, less-boisterous commoners
Quality: Above Average, food is popular among patrons

The quality of the Inn is: Good
Food, Drink, and Lodging

Hook n Hatchet Inn

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