Honor Island

Honor Island
More than the home of the volcano named Mount Kala, Honor Island is home to the secretive Cabal of the Volcano Mages. The mages are expert in fire spells and help make sure that Ierendi’s waters remain free of foreign powers. Little is known about this island, located almost in the center of the kingdom, and little is known of its inhabitants. The magic-users of Honor Island aggressively guard their secrets. Visitors are not permitted, and intruders receive harsh treatment or disappear mysteriously. The main location of the island is the Volcano Citadel, a complex facility home of the wizards and their servants.

The Cabal of the Volcano employ a slave force of goblins as servants called the Honor Goblins and from time to time pay the special services of the gnome crew of The Kalypso.

One of the magic items created by the mages and sold on Ierendi City’s Ierendi City Marketplace are the Fire Elemental Gem.

Specific Locations:
Volcano Citadel
Guard Forts
Monal Reef
Mount Kala


Honor Island

D&D 3.0: Tales from Mystara Galero