Gnome Wedding

The Gnome Wedding
A custom used by gnomes in places like Highforge.

Gnomes marry many times but only one time with the “Perfect Mate”. A reason for party is never leaved with more ideas to party so they have the Gnome Wedding as a ritual/party.

When an “eligible gnome” wants to marry (or they need a reason to party) and there is a large number of young females of his race, a weeding planification party race is organized. All females will then compete in a contest to determine which one will marry him. The bachelor sits and drinks with the elder dwarves until he is drunk and then is set up to run. Then, set upon by the girls, who try to chase after him, and catch and hold onto him for seven seconds.

Bachelors did not know that this was how he would find a mate; to be the “prey” in a wild chase.

Gnome Wedding

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