Gnome Artificers of the Guild Aquatic

Gnome Artificers of the Guild Aquatic

The Kalypso is a sailing ship who is known for been the moving shop of the Gnome Artificers of the Guild Aquatic. The Captain Kusteau Seaeyes and his crew of 20 is composed of gnomes sailors (Experts:2). The 30 extra passengers are the families of the crew.

This is a small community of gnome who work as artificers and consulting engineers and live in a ship called The Kalypso. Their guild master and captain is named Kusteau Seaeyes and he and his large group of gnomes live and travel to different ports offering their expertise in sea faring contractions and inventions. They travel from Minrothad Guilds, Ierendi, Kingdom of Karameikos, Thyatian Empire, Ochalea and Isle of Dawn.

The Guild Aquatic is part of the Supreme Symposium of Gnomish Syndicates.

Repeating Light Ballista
Size: Medium, Crew: 1
AC: 6, Hard: 5, HP: 10, Cost (gp): 1500
Dam: 3d8 (13.5), Critical: 19 – 20
Range: 120ft
Type of Fire: Direct Fire
A ballista is essentially a Huge heavy crossbow fixed in place. Its size makes it hard for most creatures to aim it. Thus, a Medium creature takes a – 4 penalty on attack rolls when using a ballista, and a Small creature takes a – 6 penalty.
A ballista takes up a space 5 feet across.
The Repeating Light Ballista can fire every combat turn with only one crew and at a maximum number of attacks of two attacks due to the Steampunk Cranker.

Steampunk Cranker
Steampunk machine that cranks and readies weapon mechanically. The machinery itself It can work with up to two different Repeating Light Ballistas.
Size: Large, Weight: 100lbs, Cost: 1000gps

Sea Diving Suit
A suit of armor used to walk and breath underwater. It’s connected to a Steampunk Cranker that pumps ait to the suit.
Size: Medium, Weight: 80lbs, Cost: 100gps

Glowing Rope
50 foot spool of lightly glowing rope that glows for 15 ft, so you can see where it is as you descend. 10gps.

Climbing Helper
Gloves covered in tiny hooks to make climbing easier, Give + 3 bonus in Climb checks. 10gps.

Monocle of Seeing
Monocle that extends like a spyglass giving a + 3 equipment bonus in Spot and Search checks. 50gps.

Gnome Artificers of the Guild Aquatic

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