Ganti Flying Carpets

Ganti Flying Carpets
Ierendi Island
Ierendi City

Ganti Flying Carpets is part of a chain of carpet stores that originated in the Principalities of Glantri. Demand has so far been low for the carpets, thanks for the perceived level of unreliability and danger.

The owner of the local store is Ganti(!), a native glantrian who come here several years ago ans is supplied by the Original Flying Carpet Store in Glantri City.

The time of travel using magic carpets from isle to isle is half the normal travel time with boats. The cost is different, three times the normal cost per day of travel but the time to travel is shorter by the flying ability:
Ierendi Archipelago Travel

Ganti Carpet of Flying are large size:
Armor Class: 14 (–1 size, +5 natural), touch 9, flat-footed 14
Speed: Flying: 40 ft. (It has average maneuverability, but a carpet of flying can still hover.)
Space: 10 ft. × 10 ft. (It fits four medium sized creatures)
Special Qualities: Construct traits
Saves: Fort + 1, Ref + 1, Will – 4
Weight: 10 lb.
Weight capacity: 800 lb. (A carpet of flying can carry up to double its capacity, but doing so reduces its speed to 30 feet.)
Cost: 60,000 gp

Ganti Flying Carpets

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