Ierendian Fireship
Ierendi Royal Navy
The Ierendian Fireships or the Fireships are the elite ships of the Ierendi Royal Navy. There are currently 12 in service right now. Their hulls are built at Ierendi Ship Yard and then dragged to Honor Island were the Gnome Artificers of the Guild Aquatic work on their steam engines and the Cabal of the Volcano work on their spells. At the end the impressive famed ironclad Fireships of Ierendi are ready for action. The Fireship is 250 feet long.

Adriel Greatship: Colossal vehicle; Seaworthiness + 6; Shiphandling – 4; 60 ft. (poor); Overall AC – 3; Hull sections 168 (sink 56 sections); Section hp 80 (hardness 5); Section AC 3; Rigging Sections 2; Rigging hp 80 (hardness 0), AC 1; Ram 6d6; Mounts Weapon Slots=28; Space 150 ft. by 40 ft.; Height 20 ft. (draft 20 ft.); Complement 50 Marines; Watch 20; Cargo 500 tons (Speed wind x 15 ft. if 250 tons or more); Cost 60,000 gp.

26 Light Ballistas
1 Heavy Catapult

Crushing Device: The crushing device does double ram damage and pins the target ship.


The twelve Fireships are named from the twelve zodiac signs of the Mystara Calendar:
The Manticore
The Hydra
The Centaur
The Basilisk
The Chimera
The Gorgon
The Griffon Captain Aldern Foxglove
The Dragon
The Salamander
The Pegasus
The Warrior
The Giant


D&D 3.0: Tales from Mystara Galero