Epic Adventurers

Epic Adventurers
A group of adventurers from different countries of Mystara who joined forces to find and destroy the Swords of Power and oppose a series of Epic Opponents who wanted to use the most powerful artifacts to conquer the world.


  • Group Average Level: 20
  • Group Average Reputation: + 5
  • Group Gained Reputation: + 15
  • Total Reputation: + 20
  • Reputation Contacts:

Ciscor Foranes
Claudius Galienus
Silvin Macnestmont

The Epic Adventures
2010 2011 en Cayey usando D&D 3.0 con personajes desde nivel 18 al 29.
Adriel Luis
Alex Diaz
Ana Lorena
Benjamín Guigliotty – Felipe De La Torre y Rodriguez
Eric Diaz
Erlinda Vélez
Feliz Burgos
Fran Diaz
Francisco Meléndez
Jorge Gabriel Rodríguez
José Zayas
Mario Agrait Reyes
Ricky Ortíz

Epic Adventurers

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