Eltans Spring

Eltan’s Spring
Kingdom of Karameikos

The village of Eltan’s Spring was founded about a century ago by the brewer, Eltan. The villagers, mostly farmers, lead a simple, rustic lifestyle and many follow the Way of Bellenos, a druidic faith from foreign lands. Their village is supposedly protected by a powerful Druid living nearby. They are remarkably tolerant of ‘different’ people, numbering many half-elves and tieflings amongst the population.

Eltan’s Spring is situated in the Black Peak Mountains north of Lake Windrush. Most visitors arrive by road, a well travelled track links the village with Threshold to the south, following the western shores of the lake, a 20 mile journey taking 8 hours at a steady walk. The village does act as a centre for several nearby farmsteads, but there is little of importance beyond the village, and the track terminates here.


  • Eltan’s Spring is centred around the inn, the remaining buildings form a horseshoe shape around the terminus of the track from Threshold.
    The Crock and Goblet; this is the original building founded by the Durgovitch family. Liselle Durgovitch, granddaughter of the original Liselle, still uses Eltan’s recipe and brews and serves the family ale with pride.
    Although not offering much accommodation, travelers stuck in Eltan’s Spring can spend the night on the floor here in the recently constructed common room.
    A small Temple to all three Traldar deities, chiefly Halav, is currently undergoing construction with funding from the lord of Eltan’s Spring, Memnon. Construction was recently halted under order of Lord Mhorgash (Memnon’s Uncle)after the arrest of the Heroes of Winterhaven for murder.
  • Gernon’s House; Gernon Durgovitch, the village Elder, is the grandson of Eltan and Liselle, founders of the village. He is the only authority figure in the village and is frequently sought out by nearby farmsteaders to settle disputes.
  • Ohnrus Brews – Another family of brewers. Jov Ohnrus owns the place, his daugther Bryanne Ohnrus is almost 13.
  • Tanner; Boltac (another of the Durgovitch clan) tans hides to a high finish. He is a reserved individual, but a loyal friend. He deals with several trappers and mountain folk and has learned much about this part of the Black Peaks.
  • Trader; Julius Kameronikas, a recent addition to the village. He hopes to start a thriving business here selling to the residents of what he sees as a boom town. He is very pro-Thyatian and considers himself above the villagers who follow Belenos, but is not actively unpleasant to his neighbours. He buys as much of Liselle’s brew as he can, and sells in on in Threshold.
  • Miller; Iakov owns and runs this watermill. He also has a large oven for baking the village’s bread and roasting the hops for Liselle.
  • Blacksmith; Gogol Durgovich, brother of Boltac. He is more of a tinker than a blacksmith, capable of mending tools, pots and the copper vats used to brew the ale.
  • Healer; Gorgo, female Tiefling, wife of Mortenos, Mother of Memnon. Gorgo is well known in the area for the potency of her herbal brews.
  • Town Wisdom, Karina Pevnoruk, is the Sage and keeper of the town history. Her daughter Katarin Pevnoruk is to be her sucesor.
  • Leather Worker; Mortenos, male Tiefling, husband of Gorgo, Father of Memnon. Works the leather tanned by Boltac into fine items. While most of his work is utilitarian (tunics, belts, boots and harnesses) he frequently adds decoration in the style of his Tiefling homeland.

Eltans Spring

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