Elegy Island

Elegy Island
Population: 800 Humans (mostly Makai), 200 Hin, Countless Undead
Capital: Nula (1,000)
Area: 924 square miles
Site of ancient Makai burial grounds and ceremonial markers named after the word for a lament for the dead. Populated mainly by natives, who are known to protect their burial grounds. Mostly overrun by the Restless Dead. Most of the natives are Makai who work as miners or fishermen to support the Death Kahuna and necromancers whose job it is to appease the dead. This, along with Roister Island, is one of the major havens for those Makai who are not slaves. The Ierendi government helps to fund the town so as to allow the Kahuna and necromancers to focus on the rites and raids which keep the dead in check.

Followers of the more traditional Makai Shamani Faith believe in the eternal honoring of their deceased ancestors. They pay the government of Nula to bury their dead on Elegy Island as animated undead of different types on special built crypts (depending on the amount of money given to this extremist fraction of the faith). They have the capacity to pay to visit their ancestors with the guidance of necromancer who keeps them in check.

In addition to Zombies, Skeletons, Ghosts, Ghouls and other undeads, Elegy Island’s necromancers are adepts in creating a rare type of undead, the Skin Wraith. Other strange undead have also been seen around the island product of experiments or the large amount of negative energy present.

Specific Locations:
Malpipas Tower
Mount Pakrokas
Nyxs Post
The River of Death of Elegy Island


The people of Elegy Island had their own take on the creation of the Ierendi Archipelago:

She survives all

Kalamakalas slept on the bellow sea,
One eye awake to see the moons run deep.
He was slayer of many, slaver of all,
And the bringer of dead to the land above.

Erendias came from higher than the stars.
Forging weapons on the flames of suns.
He came with the flag of war and conquer.
The unstoppable force meets the immovable object.

Claw meets mace, sword meets teeth,
The breath of one melts iron and steel
Scales are pierced by blade and arrow head.
Side by side they fell, wounds running deep.

The slayer killer, The slaver master,
The forge in silence, The warmonger’s flag,
The only one who wins all battles:
She came to them at last.

Their battle was strong enough
In ten islands, the land they broke.
And She was stronger than all of them
As strong as forever she will.

Elegy Island

D&D 3.0: Tales from Mystara Galero