Dream Manor

Fletcher Island
Dream Manor is the home of Mr. Coarke, a powerful illusionist wizard. His states dominate the landscape just near the town of Vlaad. The place is a rural mansion with resort-like facilities. Beautiful flora and fauna moves around the grounds, rest areas, banquets, and music are always present. Makai servants care for all guest’s every need. Magical creatures are seen walking around like unicorns, satyrs and sometimes a Phoenix. There are rumors of fey living around the gardens under the protection of Mister Coarke.

The quality of the Inn is: Good
Food, Drink, and Lodging

By invitation only

Mister Coarke will issue an invitation in the shape of a small crystal magical sphere who has a low level illusion with the faces of the invitees. The sphere spires in 3 months. the last three weeks it will reveal that is expiring. The invitees can arrive to the island at any moment before the expiration date.


Dream Manor

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