D Shrine Dice

D Shrine Dice
Ierendi Island
Ierendi City
Ierendi City Northshore
D Shrine Dice are two alleys that interconnect with the main streets of Ierendi City Northshore and are filled with a series of taverns, food stores, restaurants and music shops who every night fill the street with tables and chairs with all kinds of food, street performers, gamblers, dancers and musicians.

Some of the stores are: Opticus Repticulus Art Gallery, Watchtower Bar, Big Chest Restaurant and Red Ridding Hood. There is a small museum named after Punzel Respen the place has a stone justice balance carved in the wood of the entrance and the words " Art Balances Hearth and Mind " in Thyatian.

The place is the place of preference for performers, bohemians and students from the The School of the Arts.

The quality of the Inn is: Good
Food, Drink, and Lodging
Note: The alleys are home to different kinds of food and liquor of different quality and taste. The price range from Poor to Good.

D Shrine Dice

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