Crossed Swords Tavern

Crossed Swords Tavern
Kingdom of Karameikos

“Locals had warned me of the dangers of Fogor Isle, the seedy part of town. I decided to check out this Fogor Isle, for with danger often comes opportunity! After hours of wandering I spied a tavern on the northeast shore. The sign read `The Crossed Swords Tavern’. Unfortunately, it was all boarded up and in poor condition. I left Fogor Isle wondering what happened to the Crossed Swords Tavern.”

Location: Centre of town, on west side of Old Town Wall
Innkeeper: Sergei Ivanevich
Patrons: Commoners and adventurers
Claim to Fame: Best place to hire adventurers and hear rumours of local treasures

The quality of the Inn is: Good
Food, Drink, and Lodging

Crossed Swords Tavern

D&D 3.0: Tales from Mystara Galero