County of Forania

County of Forania
A domain on the Isle of Dawn.

Territories, Forts, Towns and Cities of Forania

Fort Verdus – Centurion Denisius Avalus
City of Travelaris – Governor Flavio Kendasius
Town of Claudia – Governor Lichen Bellafontis
Fort Promise – Centurion Encaraj Azed
Town of Frania – Governor Qrinsius Acheron
Town of Eusebia – Governor Tresius Acheron
Fort Unin – Centurion Torogus Maximus
City of Traveurus – Governor Nandius Avalus
Town of Flavia – Governor Alif Nadir

Foranes Family
As a member of the CXXI Legion and a follower of General Troyus Machistes, Ciscor Foranes came to the Plateau as a conqueror. Retiring from the Thyatian Empire, he later stayed as a governor of a free city and conquered and build the County of Forania. His family has ties with the Kendachis of the Thyatian territories on West Thothia and a friendship with Cardinal Galleanus that goes back many years to their service under General Machistes. Count Ciscor married Adora, the leader of the local Thothian community but it’s rumored that he had a daughter outside his marriage with a servant named Selsa, who named the daughter Ciska. His son Armonel died at 3 when he fell under the wheels of a carriage. Count Ciscor left the domain in a unexpecific quest after Cardinal Gallienus asked him to, that was 3 years ago and he hasn’t came back yet.
Alliances: Gallienus, Kendasius, Maximus.
Power Level: 8 (3 in Travelaris + 1 per 5 communities)

Ciscor Foranes (151m)
Count of Forania

_Adora of Thothia (40f), wife
Lady of Forania

_Drucilla Foranes (20f), daughter
Lady of Kendasius

_Annora Foranes (19f), daughter
Lady of Avalus

_Marcellus Fornaes (17m), son
Decharon of Fort Verdus

_Armonel (3m-deceased), son

Gallienus Family
Claudius Gallienus served on the CXXI Legion as a Curate. He was later Bishop of the Church of Thyatis on the region of the Plateau of the Isle of Dawn opposing the leaders of the Thothian Mystics, the Faith of Vashar and especially the Church of Thothia under the command of Matriarch Ba An Set. He married the sister of a Thyatian friend who has ties on the Thyatian Empire’s Senate. His first daughter disappear three years ago bring shame to his family name.
Alliances: Foranes, Kendasius, Tresius, Church of Thyatis.
Power Level: 6 (6 religious)

Cladius Gallienus (43m)
Cardinal of the Church of Thyatis

_Dehliana Acheron (28f), wife
Lady of Gallienus

_Lillithen Amara Gallienus (18f), daughter

_Lyria Lux Gallienus (16f), daughter
Lady of Acheron

_Juliana Aea Gallienus (12f), daughter

_Mycklas Claudius Gallienus (11m), son

Church of Thothia
Organized religion is one of the biggest power groups on the Plateau. The Church of Thyatis under the control of the Gallienus Family is opposed by the Church of Thothia who is backed up by the Kingdom of Edairo and possibly, by the Pharaoh of Edairo itself. In Forania, the leader of the Church is a weak one who has the same power than the Gallienus family but uses that power to oppose anything that can be traced to Thyatian benefits or origins. This has turned many political groups against the Church’s Leaders.
Alliances: Thothians, Kingdom of Edairo (Alphatian Empire).
Power Level: 4 (4 religious + no points in Traveurus or Travelaris)

Mamluk Mubarak (51m)
Bishop of the Church of Thothia, Cleric of Osiris

Avalus Family
The Avalus family is a powerful thothian family with ties into the merchant community of the city. Centurion Denisius Avalus married one of the daughters of Count Ciscor Foranes but still has more loyalty to the thothians citizens and their needs. Denisius and his brother Nandius changed their names from Thothian ones to thyatian ones to merge better with the thyatian families like Foranes.
Alliances: Thothians, Sorcerer’s Tower.
Power Level: 9 (3 community + 3 military + 3 commercial)

Denisius (De Nis) Avalus (35m)
Centurion of Fort Verdus

_Annora Foranes (19f)
Lady of Avalus

_Cesar Avalus (4m), son

_Nandius (Nan Dis) Avalus (40m), brother
Governor of Traveurus

_Karnas Avalus (45m), brother
Asunah Trail’s Merchant

Azed Family
The half-orc and orc community on Forania are known as the Travashar and they look at Encaraj Azed as their representation and a leader. He tries to maintain the respect and dedication to his work that his people believe. He respects Centurion Torogus Maximus experience and position and usually follows his strategies. He has 3 wives and 12 children. He’s a half-orc and a faithful follower of the Faith of the Vashar.
Alliances: Maximus.
Power Level: 15 (3 community + 3 military + 8 religious) (2 points in Traveurus and Travelaris deposing Church of Thothia)

Encaraj Azed (42m)
Centurion of Fort Promise

Durnsaga Azed (21f), sister
Priestess of the Faith of the Vashar

Maximus Family
What can be said about Torogus Maximus that hasn’t been told before? He’s a legend, that’s for sure. He’s a bugbear born slave on a Thyatian colony and trained by General Homer Machistes (Troyus Machistes father) as a Legionarie. He trained other bugbears until he has a legion and claimed to his General the opportunity to proof himself. General Homer gave him many tests of strategy, valor and blood on different thyatian colonies like the Hinterlands, Norwold and the Isle of Dawn until Senator Mulatovilus of the Thyatian Senate, proclaimed him an outcast just to damage the General’s reputation. Torogus and his army were wanderers until Coutn Ciscor Foranes gave him a fort and a place to live making them citizens of Forania. Centurion Torogus has the experience and bravery of a thyatian general and Count Foranes has a great respect for him. The respect is mutual. Torogus has brough bugbear females with himself but his soldier has also married half-rocs of the Travashar making his fort a small humanoid community that follows Foranian Law. This community s composed of 120 humanoids in addition to the 111 bugbear legionaries giving more power to Maximus that other Centurions on Forania. His friendship with Governor Alif Nadir of Flavia is known as Maximus saved his life and his family years ago.
Alliances: Foranes.
Power Level: 8 (3 military + 5 community)

Torogus Maximus (50m)
Centurion of Fort Unin

_Naka (21m), wife

_Gurlius Maximus (42m), brother
Decharon of Fort Unin in charge of civilian resources.

_Alif Nadir (57m), friend
Governor of Flavia

The bugbear Decharon Gurlius Maximus in charge of civilian resources for Fort Unin has been reasigned to the City of Travelaris’ Garrison. He has hired a group of adventurers to find out something strange that is happening around Forania that involves Orks. They have known different personalities in their investigation.

Kendasius Family
Flavio Kendasius is the only son of Julia Kendasius, Countess of Kendach and a woman with considerable power on the Thyatian territories of the Isle of Dawn. He serves as Governor of ? following Count Cisco Foranes orders only opposing him on those moments that it has an effect on his mother’s wealth and power. His family is the ones pushing Lillithen Amara Gallienus to marry Sir Uldrich Bellafontis Actavius.
Alliances: Foranes, Gallienus, Kendasius, Thyatian Empire.
Power Level: 7 (6 community +1 Kendach)

Flavio Kendasius (35m)
Governor of Travelaris

_Drucilla Foranes (20f), wife
Lady of Kendasius

_Julio Kendasius (7m), son

_Julia Kendasius (51f), mother
Countess of Kendach

_Lichen Bellafontis (41m), cousin
Governor of Claudia

_Uldrich Bellafontis Actavius the Second (25m), cousin
Third heir to the Actavius House, Champion of the Thyatinopolis Plebe, Winner of the Caerdwiccan Archery Range Competition and Protector of Nike

_Oblivia (88f), Uldrich’s nana

Acheron Family
Tresius Acheron came to the Plateau of the Isle of Dawn referred by a Thyatian Empire’s Senator to Cardinal Claudius Gallienus. He is a strong man that half the time follows the Cardinal’s suggestions and the other half does what believes is better for himself and his Senator friend.
Alliances: Gallienus, Kendasius.
Power Level: 6 (6 community)

Tresius Acheron (34m)
Governor of Eusebia

_Lyria Lux Gallienus (16f), wife
Lady of Acheron

_Claudius Acheron (1m), son

_Qrinsius Acheron (33m), brother
Governor of Frania

Other Characters Known:

Olan the Ork Beast Tammer
This Travashar Raider is a beast trainer and he also sells food for any kind of creature. His store is in the merchant part of the city of Travelaris.

Griselo the Corridor Master
A thin and bold wizard with thick spectacles and a squiky voice. He is the only corridor master on Travelaris and he only works as sending and receiving trained messenger birds. He lowered his fee to only 50gps per message instead of the usual 100gps.

Donto Maza the Traveller
Dwarve mercenary, orginally from Rock Home but now lives in Dwenver. He is respected by all the mercenaries in the city of Travelaris for his experience.

Durnsaga Azed Priestess of the Faith of the Vashar
A young and charismatic leader of the travashar, diplomatic and respectful of other traditions, and she expects the same from those who want to have dealings with her.

County of Forania

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