County of Cabanis

County of Cabanis
Plateau of the Isle of Dawn
Isle of Dawn

Leaders: Countess Caida Machistes, General Othelus Scipio
Capital: Cubash
Other Cities: Orgos, Amungh and Zuhedia.
A series of forts built by the Alphatian Empire during the invasion: Sur Riverus Fort

The Domain of Cabanis is a rich domain located on the center of the Platteau of the Isle of Dawn. One of the more prominent citizen is the head of the Commerce Counsel and owner of the Drunken Hobbit Inn Mrs Corcyra McFist. She recently convinced the Countess to reopen the Aurora River Route with Annunak and to the Kingdom of Edairo.

The Drunken Hobbit Inn continues to offer their excellent service all over the plateau.

Local Laws: There is no slaves or mundanes in Cabanis. Spellcasting is restricted by many laws that reduce the amount of magic that can be used on the domain.

County of Cabanis

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