Corridor Masters

Prestige Classes of the Mysteries of Magic of Mystara Étira
Corridor Masters
The Masters of Transportation
“We’ll arrive to our destination shortly…”

The Corridor Masters are the creators and keepers of the Magical Corridors built by the Elven Empire of thousands of years ago. The corridors are a network of invisible magical pathways that connect many points of Mystara. The corridors can be oppened at any point and they can connect to other corridors allowing for safe, instant passage to many parts of the globe. The corridor has no barriers, it can pass through mountains, castles and even people without affecting or been affected. There are magical barriers that can be used to avoid the opening of corridors in specific places – spells that the corridors masters sell to their concern customers – and places were the corridors are not working due to failure in maintenance or the presense of anti-magic elements.

The Corridor Masters are capitalists, the impose their rates and charge for their services. Mostly all corridor masters have to work for the Organization or pay fees of some type to have permits that allow him to use his powers under tight restrictions and monitoring. The Central Office, keeps an eye in everyone and imposes their rules with strong will.

The standard cost is calculated as 1gps per mile for the normal sized corridor and 2gps for the merchant sized corridor (see below). They also try to control the market on other types of magical travel like Dimensional Door and Teleport travel. See more info on Travelling Time.

Character Class Description:
Hit Dice: d4

To qualify to become a corridor master a character must fulfill the following criteria.
Skill Name : Knowledge (Arcana): 8 Ranks, Spellcraft 6 Ranks, Knowledge (Cartography): 4 Ranks.
Feat: N/A
Spells: Dimensional Door
Special: N/A

Class Skills
The corridor master’s class skills (and the key ability for each skill) are:Alchemy(Int), Concentration(con), Intuit Direction, Knowledge(Arcana) (Int), Scry(Int), Spellcraft(Int). Knowledge (Portals & Gates) (Int), Knowledge (Cartography) (Int).
Skill Points at Each Level: 2 + Int Modifier.

Class Features
All the following are class features of the corridor master prestige class.

Weapon and Armor Proficiency: The Corridor Master gains no special weapons or armor’s proficiency.

Spells per Day: The Corridor Master gains extra spells per level as if he has raised a level on her previous class.

First Circle
‘Detect Corridor’: The Corridor Master can scan an area around himself up to 120’ and make a spell caster check adding his normal spellcaster levels to twice his Corridor Master Levels to detect present corridors, magical barriers and magical doors, includiyng basic spells like a Hold Portal spell and the recent (one day per Corridor Master level on the prestige class) use of Passwall, Dimensional Portal, Gate or Teleport spells. The power counts as a 3th level spells for the purpose of dispelling.

‘Open Corridor’: The Corridor Master can open a already known or detected corridor on the area and the corresponding target exit point in connection to that corridor. He must know the coordinates of the exit point or guess. The check is a Knowledge (Cartography) with a bonus of 1 per level of the Corridor Master Class. The DC is usually based on how accurate the information about the coordinates is: 10 (recent Corridor Master updated coordinates), 15, 20 up to 25 (guessed or estimated coordinates). A failed roll will open the exit point of the corridor in any location between the opening point and before the exit point with a random set of 5d10 miles. The corridor will be open for a duration of one combat turn per Corridor Master level of his class. Up to two medium sized (or 4 small sized or 1 large sized) bodies can bass per combat turn. The power counts as a 8th level spells. The power counts as a 3th level spells for purpose of dispelling.

Second Circle
‘Protect Corridor’: The Corridor Master creates a magical barrier that has a Hardening of 1 per level of the Corridor Master’s class level plus his Intelligence Modifier, a number of Hit Points equal to those of the Corridor Master and a Spell Resistance of 10 plus the Corridor Master’s total spellcaster level. It will The barrier can be created to protect any entrance, not only corridors. It could be used to block Passwall, Dimesional Door, Teleport and Gate spells. The barrier is kept in place for a number of minutes equal to 1 plus the Corridor Master’s class level. The power counts as a 4th level spells for the purpose of dispelling.

Third Circle
‘Merchant Corridor’: This power is a bigger version of the First Circle’s power Open Corridor. It will have double the passage capacity (4 medium sized creatures per combat turn) of the other corridor and also double the duration (twice the number of the Corridor Master’s class level in combat turns). The power counts as a 5th level spells for the purpose of dispelling.

Fourth Circle
‘Magic Barrier’: The Corridor Master creates a more powerfull version of his Second Circle Protect Corridor Magic. The Magic Barrier will affect an area of 100 cubic feet plus 20 feet per Corridor Master’s class level. Any Dimesional Portal, Teleport or Corridors that is opened on that area will have a Protect Corridor Barrier in front of it for the duration of the power. The duration is two minutes of the Corridor Master’s class level. High level magicians have been able to place this power permanent in castles to protect from Corridors to open inside. This power cannot be dispeles, destroying one of the barriers doesn’t destroys the spell only allow for the use of spells to transport through that point. The power counts as a 7th level spells for the purpose of dispelling.

Fifth Circle (DC:10)
‘Create Corridor’: The Corridor Master is able to create a corrido were there wasn’t one before. He make the same checks as when using the First Circle power Open Corridor. The Corridor will last one year per Corridor Master’s total spellcaster level. The power counts as a 9th level spells for the purpose of dispelling.

NOTA: A Corridor Master uses corridors already there it cannot create a corridor if there is not one to the point he wants to go unless he has access to the Fifth Circle.

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Corridor Masters

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