Combat Acrobat

a.k.a. Combat Acrobat
“Two pairs of eyes are better than one.”

Lvl - BAB - Fort - Ref - Will - Special
1 – + 1 – + 0 – + 2 – + 0 – Aid Another Mastery, Signaling, Improved Aid Another
2 – + 2 – + 0 – + 3 – + 0 – Dual Strike, Group Initiative, Uncanny Dodge (Can’t be Flanked)
3 – + 3 – + 1 – + 3 – + 1 – Team Work (Class skill), Team Dodge (save), Opportunist
4 – + 4 – + 1 – + 4 – + 1 – Enhanced Alertness, Team Work (Any Skill), Team Dodge (attacks)
5 – + 5 – + 1 – + 4 – + 1 - Team Work (Feat), Improved Leadership

Is the Collaborator a man or is also a group? Collaborators are most found in pairs or teams of four or more members. When they work together they look like one mind with more than one body. The teamwork and insight that this group of experts have is gained thru training and hard work. This teams of warriors can be of any type from a pair of fighter swashbucklers slashing through the world opening a path with their unique style of sword fighting, to a group of six young monks jumping and tumble between and around any possible obstacle imaginable. They can be found as a trio of bards talking at the same time in rhythmic poetry thru a quartet of rogues entering a castle forming a human ladder. This are the teams of legend, the teams that awe with their coordination and almost uncanny knowledge about what their partners are about to do or said.
This group trains together (at least 40 hours per week) and savor the use of team names to help others recognize them. A team of rogues with a name like Silent Night Clan, or a group of fighters known as The Five Knights of Specularum are as good as The Three Amigos or the Sons of Silence, or The Favorite One and Company.
For this prestige class to work, more than one character most be part of the same team. The character class or classes need no to be the same at the moment of taking the prestige class but is recommended that all members share the same motivations and alignment so they have a reason to stick together for more time that way. Many of the special abilities of this class are benefits to the other members of the team granted by the coordination of the character so this kind of special abilities only work better helping other members of the group.
Ex-Members of a group must find new people to train or a new group and practice with them for at least a month for their abilities to be used normally.

Hit Dice: d8

To qualify to become a Collaborator a character must fulfill the following criteria:
Alignment: A collaborator mustn’t be of chaotic alignment.
Skill Name: Base Attack Bonus: + 3. Balance: 4 Ranks, Perform 4 Ranks.
Feat: Combat Reflexes.
Special: The members of the team must train together on a weekly basic.

Class Skills
The Collaborator’s class skills (and the key ability for each skill) are:
Bluff (Cha), Balance(Dex), Concentration (Con), Climb(Str), Escape Artist(Dex), Hide(Dex), Intimidate(Cha), Jump(Str), Perform(Cha), Ride (Dex), Search(Int) & Tumble(Dex).
Skill Points at Each Level: 4 + Int Modifier.

Class Features
All the following are class features of the collaborator prestige class:

Weapon and Armor Proficiency: Simple Weapon Proficiency.

Aid Another Mastery – A member of the team that is using his movements to aid another in combat or in a skill check need not to roll 10 or more to attempt to do so. They automatically succeed in that roll. This is an extraordinary ability that requires a standard action to perform. This feature can be use in non-team members but only in allies of the character.

Signaling – The team learns a special set of signals which can be anything from hand signals to whistles to eye movements. This counts as a specific language that can only be used for short messages like a free action in a line of sight or hearing distance. This special language also gives a bonus of +4 to innuendo checks between characters if both of them have the skill.

Improved Aid Another – The Aid Another action increases by one extra member of the team per each level of the prestige class, so in third level the collaborator can help 2 members of the team and in fifth level he can help 6. This still requires a standard action to perform and the bonus is gained by all members of the team in only one skill (or attacks rolls or armor class depending on the aid another action) only if they are positioned a reach distance from the collaborator. This feature cannot be used in non-team members.

Dual Strike – At second level the team member gains this ability that works exactly like the feat described in the Song and Silence supplement (p.6). If the character already has this feat, it doesn’t stack. This feature has to be used with other members of the team or characters that have this feat.

Group Initiative – At second level all members of a team of collaborators move in the same initiative count. Roll initiative for all team members and use the higher number for all of them. Use the team name in that slot. A team member that doesn’t have two levels in the prestige class still uses her own initiative.

Uncanny Dodge (Can’t be Flanked) – This is an extraordinary ability that works exactly like the rogue special ability described in the Player Handbook (p.48). At least two members of the team must be together and at 30 feet or less to this feature to work. All members of the group are talking and helping each other so if at least one of them isn’t flanked, non are.

Team Work (Class Skill/Any Skill) – At third level the team member gains the special ability to assist another member of his team in the use of a skill. The target of the special ability can them roll his skill using the ranks from his ally and his own bonuses. At that level the skills used can only be class skills for both characters. At fourth level the skill has to be class skill only for the character who uses the feature. This is an extraordinary ability that requires a standard action to perform. The class skill variant can be used with any ally but the any skill variant can’t.

Team Dodge (Save/Attacks) – At third level if a member of the team fails a save and the character is near her (10 feet or less) he can take half the damage from the attack. This attacks have to be magical spells that do damage, breath weapons and the like. At fourth level the character can use this ability to take half the damage from a single blow made against another team member or ally. This is a supernatural ability that can only be used once per day per team member and allows the character using it to make another save to take half of his share of damage.

Opportunist – This special ability works exactly like the rogue special ability described in the Player Handbook (p.48) If the character already haves this feat it doesn’t stack. This feature can be used with any ally not only those from the team.

Enhanced Alertness – If one of the team members isn’t caught flat footed none are. For this feature to work the team members must be in a 30 feet range and at listen or spot distance of each other (to use with the signaling special language). This is an extraordinary ability that requires a free action to perform for each different enemy that is trying to surprise the party. So that two different enemies attacking the team need to be spotted and alerted by two different team members.

Team Work (Feat) – At fifth level the character gains the ability to share with an ally (member of the team) the use of one of his feats. This feature can only be used once on each team member per day, and the character that uses this feature must be 30 feet of the target of the feature. The use of this feat last only for the duration of the feat shared (usually a full round of combat), so a Power Attack shared with a team member last for a full round, but other feats like Cleave only lasts for one attack. This is a supernatural ability that can only be used with feats that are general in nature and it requires a standard action to perform. Those feats that are magically in nature and aren’t part of intensive training cannot be share. Both character can use the same feat at the same time. This ability can’t be used with non-team members.

Improved Leadership – The character gains an extraordinary insight on team work and the abilities of the team that he gains the Leadership feat for free. If he already has the feat, he gains an additional + 4 in all checks that do stack with the one in the Leadership feat. The character can use this ability with team members and non-team members alike.

Prestige Class created by the Master of the Game for Games & Ideas in 2006.06.29 in honor of the Old D&D and our 18 years campaigning. Revised on 2016.09.02.

Combat Acrobat

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