Clan Callari

Clan Callarii
The Callarii are newcomers, having arrived only 1800 years ago along with Mealiden’s migration.They are related to the elves of Alfheim and the Erewan elves of Glantri.

The Callarii are healthy and robust, with tan skin, white or blonde hair and deep blue eyes.

The Callarii are interested in horse riding, horse breeding and river boating. They also form the elite forces of King Stefan, the Elvenguard.

The Callarii follow Ilsundal, Mealiden and their own patron Maiden; lady Callarii.

The Callarii occupy the forests of central Kingdom of Karameikos, in particular the Radlebb woods as well as Achelos and the westernmost part of Dymrak. Their most important locale is the trading town of Rifflian.

Clan Callari

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