Circle of Heaven and Earth

Circle of Heaven and Earth
Total membership 550
Druids 350
Shamans 200
The teachings of the Davanian Druids have been adapted to Ochalean culture back in the early days of the Empire of Thyatis. However, the limited contacts between Davania and Ochalea, and the civilized, urban nature of the Ochalean culture have limited the growth of this faith. It is still recognizably druidic, and its leader is a druid belonging to the Davanian Circle of Djaea.

Core Immortals

This faith holds the Eight Immortals and the Four Dragon Kings as emblems of balance in all things. The Earth (Djaea) and Heaven (Odin) are another major focus of the cult.


This small druidic circle includes also many shamans that focus on nature or animal spirits as well as ancestor spirit worship. Its members are spread over the wide areas of wilderness of Ochalea, from the northern and central forests to the southern jungle, rocky badlands and plains.

Major Temples

This cult has no temples at all. Its members meet twice a year, once in a sacred grove the Forest of the Ancients (Gu Shulin) where the ascension of the Eight Immortals is celebrated, once on the Dragon Mountains (Lung Shan), where the Lung Wang are worshipped.


Members of this cult are mostly hermits. Some trade herbal remedies and minor potions with the rural communities.

Classes and Alignments

Druids and Shamans are the only type of priests in this cult. They can have any alignment acceptable for Mystaran Druids.

Circle of Heaven and Earth

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