Character Creation

Character Creation
For a complete online resource with the rules from the Players Handbook, Dungeon Master Guide and Monster Manual : SRD D&D 3.0 Rules -

For a complete set of D&D 3.0 House Rules download the D&D House Rules v2010.pdf from our D&D Dropbox Folder* Folder, under “Manuals”.

1. Choose your character’s race from the available Races.
2. Choose your character’s class from the available Classes.
3. Choose a country of origin from the ones in our setting of Mystara.
4. Use this rule to assign attributes for your character: Ability Arrays. Modify the attributes by any racial modifiers.
5. Choose the character’s Languages and your character Alignment
6. Roll for a Social Class (check modifiers for this table depending on Race and Class). Roll your Age, Height and Weight .
7. Download the Documents for the character and fill them:
____ a. Print and fill manually the character sheet (3e_character_sheet.pdf).
____ b. Equip the character with his starting “Equipment Package” in the sheet for the character’s class or simply print the sheet.
____ c. Print the “Spells” list for the character’s class if the class has spells. Paladins and Ranger get spells on their 5th level.
____ d. Print the “D&D PC Papers.pdf” to be filled with information about the character’s travels.
____ e. Print the “Animal Companion” or “Familiar” sheet for your character’s class if the character’s class has any.
8. Hit Points for the first 5 levels will be the full amount of the character’s Hit Dice.

NOTE about Wealth: As always in our campaign world, Individual wealth received by a character will be half the listed in the Dungeon Master Guide as recommended for a player character of the same level.

Weapons and Equipment

NOTE: Players should have completed at least the steps 1 to 5 (and calculated the hit points in step 8) before coming to play and also printed and filled the sheets used by his character as described in each Class description and step 7. Step 6 will be rolled in the first session of play.

Character Creation

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