There are few Kobold tribes in the Kingdom of Karameikos – pressure from neighboring human and goblinoid population has pushed most of them into the Republic of Darokin.
However, the ruins of Castle Mistamere house the Brokenshield tribe, a single horde of Kobolds that have struck a bargain with a flock of Harpies for mutual protection.
The combination of Kobold archers and Harpy airborne attacks has kept the dangerous Gnolls of the Firefoam valley and the humans of Threshold and Verge from taking the castle.

Tervek Stormswift (Kobold 8/ Wicca 3), chief of the Brokenshields, is a magic user of modest power, and the tribe can also rely on a pair of shamans of Kurtulmak.

The Brokenshield Kobolds use the short bow as their primary weapon, drawing their daggers only to finish wounded enemies.

Leptar’s Fist
A powerful, if smaller, tribe based in an abandoned monastery on the foothills of the Altan Tepee, Leptar’s Fist is closely allied with the clergy of its namesake Immortal.

The tribe is composed of two hordes of Goblins, Hobgoblins, Bugbears, though a few Ogres are also present.

Horrack Elfslayer (Hobgoblin 8), a veteran of many battles against the Vyalia, leads the tribe, though the influence of the unnamed human priest of Leptar that hides in the monastery is getting stronger as he grows older.

The tribe’s symbol is an apish arm, the hand clenched in a fist.
Members of this tribe wear ape or baboon skins as cloaks or vests.
They use large maces and warhammers.


D&D 3.0: Tales from Mystara Galero