Thyatian Empire
Population: 45.000 (Rural: 37.000)
Capitol: Wumingdou (Pop: 8.000)
Bohan begun as a remote, lightly populated agricultural province. However, the presence of a large river, the Wuxingjiang, allowed good irrigation and the development of large rice farms.
Around AC 985, the preliminary operations of the Thyatian colonisation effort in the Hinterlands in Davania led Wumingdou, the provincial capitol, to be chosen as a major waypoint in the Thyatis-Hinterlands route. The Empire funded major upgrades of the town harbour, and built weapon and ship maintenance facilities, depots, and barracks, boosting an otherwise minor town to the rank of fifth larger centre in Ochalea.

This sudden influx of funds brought also a wave of immigration from neighbouring provinces as well as from the mainland, as well as the development of fishing activities and a more aggressive use of the farming land. Right now, Bohan is one of the more cosmopolitan provinces, and a rising economic power – which is why it is also known as the tiger province.

This province has a larger amount of settled land than most. The only true wilderness here is the Wa’ang forest, which marks Bohan border with the Chi province.

Wumingdou is also the province where the first temple of Chang Dangsu was build, and this cult and the Church of Thyatis are especially popular here. The Imperial influence is so strong that the elected senator for the region of Bohan, Chi and Shun is a Wumingdou-based merchant aligned with the Church of Thyatis, and a close friend of General ben Nadir.


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