The largest Orcish tribe of the Cruth Mountains, the Blackstone is a survivor of the orcish invasions of the Five Shires.
From that time, they keep the tradition of smoking pipeweed, though their weed is darker and much rougher in taste than the Hin product.

The Blackstone Orcs are also adept miners, a skill developed fighting the dwarves in ancient times and honed to great extent in time.

Sorhguul the Slasher (Orc 11), a vicious and experienced warrior, leads the six hordes of this tribe.

Like other Cruth tribes, the Blackstone often recruit Ogres and even Hill Giants as front-line fighters or living artillery pieces.

This tribe divides its worship between the traditional Orcish patron, Karaash, and Leptar, who promises revenge on the Hin.
Its symbol is a black rock, crudely drawn on blood red banners.

The Blackstone Orcs wield warhammers and battleaxes in combat.
They use Giant Scorpions as mounts.


D&D 3.0: Tales from Mystara Galero