Benno Treasure Maps

Benno Treasure Maps
Ierendi Island
Ierendi City
Benno Treasure Maps and Antique Shop is located on Ierendi City on Ierendi Island. The owner Benno, has claim in more than one occasion to have Mad Greeg‘s Lost Treasure Map and buys and sells objects of value from different cultures. From a Nithian Sarcophagus to the Hammer of the Thunder God many strange and exotic objects can be found in this store. If he doesn’t have it maybe he knows were in the islands it can be found.

The store also deals with appraisal of treasures, Benno claims he has books to find the history behind the item and have a better estimate of its price. He is also an expert recognizing forgeries.

The store owners complete name is Benedetto Difusallo and his apprentice’s name is Vael Owleyes.

Gather Information about a treasure or map: 50gps
Finding information about a map: 100gps
Restoring a damaged map: 100gps
Researching government records to find a document: 50gps
Researching the Ierendi Royal Library: 100gps

Some of the maps Benno’s claim to know the location or have for sale:
Alcove Island‘s sunken ships
Book with information on the Artifacts of Ringet
Calculations and records of past sightings and future appereances of The Walking Forest
Carrasco’s treasure map
Circe Island‘s Treasure
Lair of the Lizard Lords’s Map
Mad Greeg‘s Lost Treasure
Maps to the location of 11 of the 12 Swords of Power
Maps of the Labyrinth of Ekelon
Moana The Fair’s Black Tide Treasure
Mount Nyth‘s Ruins
Nithian Empire’s Tablets with Epic Spells
Port Siers’s Ruins of the Nithian Empire
Roister Island‘s Ruins
Rory Barbarosa’s ship logs
Sandokan‘s treasure map
Secret Treasure of the Azcan Empire
Text with riddles about the location of the BloodBow.
Vladimir Ticano’s Grave on the Isle of Dread

Rumors about the store:
_" The store is at the moment closed. – says a young man that is cleaning the store next to Benno’s – The owner and his apprentice are both searching for maps outside of the city. Is possible that they could be back tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. Did you have any map or treasure to sell or identify? If you give me your name and your address I could tell them to find you. "
" Is fine, I can come back later. Did they go out like this much? " – asked Flint
" Yes, they do this all the time, they hunt for artifacts, maps, stories. The majority of the time one of them is here but this time both left at the same time. One time Benno was out for three years. But if you have a map, even an incomplete map, these are the people that can help you. "

Benno Treasure Maps

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