Benevolent Order of Chang Dangsu

Benevolent Order of Chang Dangsu
Total membership 3.300
Priests of Chardastes 800
Fighting Monks 2.000
Shamans 500
A mystic order devoted to research on the human body and nature, the Benevolent Order of Chang Dangsu is well liked in Ochalea, as its priests are competent healers and supporters of the common people. This faith is not that different in outlook and philosophy from the Jade Temple or other Ochalean religions, but it stresses more personal responsibility than order or law.

Core Immortals

Chardastes is the main Immortal of this cult. Just like most other cults of Ochalea, this does not mean that the members of the Benevolent Order do not acknowledge the other members of the Celestial Bureaucracy – they just follow the teachings of Chang Dangsu as a way to fulfill their role within the order set by the Jade Emperor and his ministers.


This cult originated in the western provinces of Ochalea, and it still is most popular there.

Major Temples

The Benevolent Order has few temples and many monasteries. The main temple is located in Chung Tsu, where Chang Dangsu is thought to have lived.


Most members of the Benevolent Order are cloistered mystics, devoted to martial disciplines that are thought to provide major health benefits if practiced extensively. Specialty priests of Chardastes and Shamans also act as itinerant healers.

Classes and Alignments

Specialty Priests of Chang Dangsu (Chardastes), Fighting Monks and Shamans are all accepted. Most members are Neutral Good, as befits a sect of healers, but non-monastic members can also be Lawful Good or Chaotic Good.

Benevolent Order of Chang Dangsu

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