Thyatian Empire
Celestial Domain

Beitung is the capital of the Province of the Celestial Domain and of the complete Archduchy of Ochalea
Population: 50,000

Ochalea’s capital, Beitung, is a unique beauty, with every structure built in harmony with the others to produce a cohesive whole that is almost a work of art. The entire architecture of the kingdom is exotic compared to the standard Thyatian and Alphatian traditions. The most beautiful of these buildings are of course the temples and shrines dedicated to Koryu-Si.

Armies of the Celestial Domain stationed on Beitung:
Duke’s Guard – 400
Beitung Garrison – 400
XXV Legio, Cohortes I-IV – 800
Lupin Home Guard – 300
Fleet: Battle Group 1, Scouting Group, Transport Group 6 – 1,100

Church of Thyatis
Jade Temple of Ochalea – The Major temple is within the Archduke’s palace in Beitung, since the Archduke of Ochalea is also the leader of the church.
Mystic Way of Order

Golden Sun Trade Guild
Green Lupin Trade Services
Demon Cults Huo Pai School of Fire


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